PS4 Hardware Issue: New Video Shows Overlapping of UI

GPU failure of some sort in PS4?

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gameseveryday1586d ago

Just wanted to add a note: This does not seem to be a HDMI cord issue. If you look closely at the video, two different parts of the UI seems to be overlapping over each other.

abzdine1586d ago

"GPU failure of some sort in PS4? (PS4)"
you should take Cerny's place i can see.

seriously, reset the console and it should work. if it still keeps doing it go back change it or wait for an update.

inveni01586d ago

My PS3 behaves like this, and it's just due to the TV screwing up the signal somehow. I switch inputs on the TV and go back to PS3, and it is fine. I don't think, however, that this is the problem these people are having. I also don't think it's a GPU issue. It is clearly an output issue that could be either hardware or software related. It is most probably a case of a bad connection where the HDMI port meets the mainboard or a short in the HDMI jack itself.

black0o1586d ago

@abzdine agreed, how on earth did he come up with that

this days software bugs = hardware failure

static52451586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Lets say there's 20 consoles out a batch of 4000 that fail. Thats a failure rate of .5%, that's actually considered to be pretty good for electronics.

When they picked 2,500 of the 360's and PS3's at random they found that the 360 had 12% chance of RROD and 11.7% of something else failing. The PS3 had 10% failure rate. So people need to chill out.

mark134uk1586d ago

looks like hdmi issue to me i had similar problem when i was running ps3 hdmi through bluray player/surround sound,it fixed when i pushed hdmi in better

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extermin8or1586d ago Show
GarrusVakarian1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Hilarious watching Xbox fans tear this apart......the 360's launch doesn't exist in their memories any more it seems. You take a risk buying a launch console, im taking the risk as are millions of happens with launch consoles.....lets just hope it doesn't match the failure rate of 360's with RROD.

To the people trolling or bashing the PS4....i would seriously wait until the X1 is released before you run your mouths because you never know what problems the X1 will have, you don't to have spoken too soon and embarrass yourself.

"I do, however, think it's pathetic that fanboys are actually happy/excited about hardware failures of any kind for the "other side"."

I agree, we may argue all day long but we all share the same passion, laughing at another when their consoles fails is pathetic.

Palaven1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Why would the X1 have problems when it has already been played by the public for weeks with no problems reported? Something Sony never did with the PS4. The PS4 consoles in stores and at events have been crashing for a while, something Sony fans tried to ignore and debunk.

thekhurg1586d ago

360's launch? Don't you mean the first three years of the 360's existence? All electronics fail, it's part of life.

I do, however, think it's pathetic that fanboys are actually happy/excited about hardware failures of any kind for the "other side".

OrangePowerz1586d ago


The PS4 has also been played by the public with demo stands at retailers and events such as PAX.

neoMAXMLC1586d ago

Wow Palaven.... What a way to contradict yourself in the same paragraph.

B-radical1586d ago

Agreed I don't wish for anyone's ps4 to screw up this early on...i do plan on getting one next year i sure as hell don't want mine to screw up

mikeslemonade1586d ago

The 360's hardware issues were the biggest failure in history. Nothing in consumer electronics or consumer history had there was something you had to send in 3 to 4 times by so many people.

LeCreuset1586d ago

You get a well said bubble for that, sir. I agree. Keep an eye on it, but it's nothing to go into panic mode about at this point. I'm sure some of the people trying to play this up are the same ones going "nuh-uh" when the 360 had record failure rate, right up until MS finally admitted it.

HammerKong1586d ago

yeah man xb360 was also having such problems and most time devices have ,but these days there are much advancements and i was not hoping this ,yeah my ps4 is not facing problems like this but there have been many reports like this not only one ,why dont these things happen with much expensive or cheat tvs why not with every other device from popular company ,yeah 1 or 2 still have ,but that device must be assured when distributors are giving away them for 10 years ,this time sony created mistakes ,back then MS created ,xb1 may can also have ,but it is not like that it will have for now xb1 is not released so we cannot make any comments for them wahat if they get every thing right and then we people will be blamed for such rude bihaviour and we may feel guilty.

u got owned1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Im sorry but everybody saying all this issues the PS4 is having are ok are hypocrites.

This is bad no matter on what console is happening. Hopefully is just a few cases and not the norm. Here are some of the issues people are talking about;

NeoGaffer Dylx: Was downloading an update for Battlefield 4

2 or 3 from Reddit: Unknown specifics

Twitch Streamer: Was downloading DCUO when it stalled. He unplugged the console. It wouldn't work properly after that.

1 IGN unit: See Original Post.

1 Kotaku unit: "Here are the facts: In the past week, my Kotaku colleagues and I have used one pre-release PS4 and three retail PS4s with no problems. I've also heard from fellow gaming reporters who've used their PS4s with no problems. But the first retail unit that Sony provided me failed to work when I plugged it into a TV in Kotaku's office. A colleague and I were able to compare it to a second PS4 that did work and we found that the issue was rather simple: the bad unit had a faulty HDMI jack that we couldn't fully plug an HDMI cable into. It couldn't make a solid connection and therefore, apparently, couldn't transmit a stable signal to our TV. We tried different cables and monitors. The issue was with the console."

Video from Youtube:

aawells071586d ago

Don't even act as if Sony fans wouldn't be doing the same exact thing. As if Sony fans would be sympathetic. Yea right. They would be doing THEE EXACT same thing. I can picture it now.

Docknoss1586d ago

Be honest your worried lukas

NikonSteve1586d ago

I think if this happens to 55% of PS4's then people can worry (like 360). I have 2 360's so I know. Its not uncommon for there to be a small percentage of failures in any electronic device. I highly doubt the xbox one will be immune to defects as well.

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GearsOfWar1586d ago


Well, considering you and the other Sony fanboys have been tearing Xbox One news apart all year, positive or not, I'd say this is the karma that was owed. Just like you guys love to bring up that you were picked on 7 years ago by 360 fanboys and use that as an excuse as to why you're so deluded and rabid.

This isn't a good thing for either company. I will not celebrate it nor will I hope it gets worse. Our industry needs good publicity for console gaming at the moment. Microsoft's missteps have caused enough damage and we certainly don't need the PS4 to be having hardware issues.

GarrusVakarian1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

*Calls me a Sony fanboy*

*checks my XBOX 360 gamerscore....yep, its still there...all 103k of it*

And you are damn right ive been tearing up X1 news all year....because MS deserves it, the way they treated gamers and tried to force their vision when we clearly weren't ready for it. Give credit where credit is due my friend. In fact, i actually stuck up for MS when they announced support for indies a week ago and everyone else was laughing and making jokes..... Im getting both consoles.....but i make no attempt to hide the fact i DESPISE Microsoft, the fact i actually like Sony as a company is just a bonus.

"One act of good faith doesn't make up for the many bad ones."

But i said i give credit where credit is due....i can only do that as i see fit in my own opinion. Im not going to give credit if the news is negative....which the majority of it has been. Ive always said countess times how much i want Titanfall,Forza5,RYSE and Halo....if that's any constellation.

Anyway, this is getting off topic....launch consoles have problems, its the risk you take as a gamer. Ill be the first to say that i sincerely hope none of you Xbox fans have any problems at launch, i hope your consoles last you the entire generation. Shame some others can't be as sincere.

GearsOfWar1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

One act of good faith doesn't make up for the many bad ones.

I prefer Xbox as a whole, own both the PS3 and 360, but you won't find me in every article bashing the Playstation. I will comment on issues, but I will not make it a mission of life to go into ANY article related to Sony just to bash and have a circle jerk with others for momentary feelings of acceptance.

Also I find it rather funny you made it a point to say you're not a Sony fanboy and then go on at the bottom of your comment talking about how you "DESPISE" Microsoft and like Sony. Good stuff.

Yes, you are correct. Launch consoles do have issues. I even made the effort to say that I hope this does not worsen. But don't act like it's any surprise that the fans you made fun of all year find it ironic that this is happening.

Let's come to an agreement. You find it hilarious that Xbox fans are tearing this apart, I find it hilarious that you're laughing about the exact same thing you've been doing. :)

GarrusVakarian1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

"Also I find it rather funny you made it a point to say you're not a Sony fanboy and then go on at the bottom of your comment talking about how you "DESPISE" Microsoft and like Sony. Good stuff."

What i meant to say is im not a "blind" Sony fanboy, the Sony fanboy part is completely correct, there is always going to be favouritism, its impossible to be completely unbiased. There's a difference between a fanboy and a blind fanboy though. I hate MS but im willing to buy their console....what does that tell you about me? That i love games more than i love games companies, that's what.

" I find it hilarious that you're laughing about the exact same thing you've been doing. :)"

NO....just no. Laughing at Xbox fans making fun of launch consoles failing is NOT the same as poking fun at MS for the past year or so. Poking fun every day at each other is one thing but with consoles breaking, its no laughing matter.....don't compare launch failures to what other news has gone down....because this is a lot more serious.

SpringHeeledJack1586d ago

Think you should check your facts. You xbox fanboys have been ripping the ps3 for 6 years, you get what you deserve and would of thought you would of learned your lesson.

B-radical1586d ago

Lol very immature of them to use the "360 fanboys teased us" excuse it's like grow up and move on...of course alot of the younger fanboys *xbox and playstation alike dont even remember the start of this gen and still just use it as an excuse

GearsOfWar1586d ago

Lukas, it's no different than Sony fanboys laughing about RROD.


I must have been sleeping for the past 6 years but especially within the last 3-4, the consensus of the PS3 has been rather positive.

BBBirdistheWord1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

@ lukas

dude you have some issues.

The ps4 has problems on launch and you are obsessively trying to deflect this.

It's making you look like a fool. Just trying to help, really.

Death1586d ago


Please don't speak for "we" and "us".

You feel MS deserves the treatment.
You were not ready for their vision.

Others may agree with you, others do not.

GarrusVakarian1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )


"The ps4 has problems on launch and you are obsessively trying to deflect this.
No, there's a difference between telling people not to talk too soon and "deflecting" bad news. I see alot of people talking crap before the X1 has even are they going to feel if the X1 has problems? Like idiots, that's how.

Damn, i just remembered who you are. Nevermind move along.

GuruMeditation1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Even if you haven't ripped on PS over the years, your comments right here make up for that, throwing terms like circle-jerk and fanboy like you're above everyone else. There's a huge gulf between jabbing at opposing consoles due to various features etc. And wishing DOAs on your fellow gamers. I also despise Microsoft, but am excited for both consoles. My distaste for them as a company will not affect that, nor should it.

Addendum: I wasn't insinuating anything, I respect your opinion and share part of it. I do, however, take issue with you asserting that you are above the bickering, whilst claiming that the hardware issues are karma. Your whole attitude is simply coming across as abrasive and snotty; I believe you're better than that.

GearsOfWar1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Guru, there's a clear difference between calling out Sony fanboys and calling out Sony. I did not state Sony has been circle jerking. But thanks for trying to push the blame onto me as if I've been trolling Sony here.

Like I'm above everyone else? That's quite comical considering the mentality that Sony fanboys believe themselves to be the superior console race. It's a joke they believe that. We're all just buying game consoles and playing the games we like.

You're right though. I do believe myself to be above going into articles with the sole intent to troll. I can't bring myself to stoop to that level. People have differing choices. I'm not going to crucify someone because they choose something other than what I enjoy most.


Like I told Lukas in PM, I'm tired of all the dividing and attacking. I know it can't be avoided when 2 products in close competition are coming out but people can still exercise their opinions and likes without constantly bashing the competition.

If you look at my past comments, I strongly oppose the route that Sony fanboys have been taking lately. If Microsoft fanboys ever get to that level, I will oppose them as well. It will not change my preference of experience but it will change my opinion of sections of either fanbase.

I believe that for every action, we do have a consequence. Maybe the karma is deserved, maybe it isn't, but people still chose to jump in and take things to the next level instead of discussing and criticizing in a less rabid way.

Tctczach1586d ago

Watch out Gears he might P.M. you if he starts to cry like he did me. He was using all caps and freaking out because I made a suggestion. It ess quite immature and embarrassing. Haha. I think I still have it.

Nujabes_1586d ago

Are you guys living in the past? Who cares what Xbox fanboys did 7 GOD DAMN YEARS AGO. This is the present, focus on it.

black0o1586d ago

why the need to put ps4 and xBone on the same boat .. who am i kidding since DRm days and xboners have been dragging sony/ps4 to M$'s sh!t

-they only console in history that had 54% failure rate was x360
-sony launched 3 consoles and 3 hand-held non-had failure rate higher then 10%
-M$ was the only one that implanted the DRM
-launch units always have bugs

should i keep on going

JokesOnYou1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Look I don't know who started it or care but some of you need to get off your high horse. I know for sure long before 360 launched I was looking forward to 360 because I loved the original xbox, I was excited to see what micro would bring to the table next but I know for a fact you couldn't enjoy any 360 news without tons of Sony fan boys slamming the 360 about far more than RROD all the way up until ps3 launch. I can't tell you how tired I grew of "That sucks a**, just wait until ps3 launches...", "bluray", "the power of the cell", blah, blah, blah. So forgive me for being human and when ps3 stumbled hard out the gates. That's been along time ago and I've tried to just be about games and love my hobby but my point is there are NO VICTIMS HERE. You either continue to fan the flames or you give credit where credit is due AND OF COURSE STATE VALID CRITICISM.

Lukas you make some great posts at times but clearly here you are being a hypocrite given how critical you've been of micro, not that ps4 is broken but we should be suspect with the reports and so few of them in the wild so until launch let's wait and see this could be nothing we just don't know though.

XboxFun1586d ago

I love how sony fanboys need to get some vindication for what happened 7 to 8 years ago on this site. You would think that after all that time passed there would have been a little bit of growing up and maturity found.

Some reports of PS4 having some problems out the gate and the sony defense force with their insecurities automatically have to bring up the 360 just to feel good about themselves.

Out of all the PS4's shipped you don't think one or two may have problems? Who cares! You all fall right into these traps and go into rage mode whenever a news site reports the slightest bad thing about Sony.

Lukas, you are just one of the main offenders and I actually think you may be xHeavyx's other account since you seem to have replaced him in being at the very top of every MS/Xbox One news stealth trolling and all.

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B-radical1586d ago

I notice the screen shows of grids for slight seconds not a good sign

Blackdeath_6631586d ago

the console is trying to read from the HDD but can't because of some corrupt files he needs to remove the HDD start the console without it which will launch the console in safe mode turn it off re enter the HDD then boot it up it will go to safe mode automatically then he can recover corrupt files from there and fix it. this problem has already been fixed

N4realGMRZ1586d ago

It's sad reading all of the comments about what happened 8-9 years ago with MS....that isn't going to fix this current guys should just relax and wait....see what happens...i really hope it's a faulty batch, i wish this on no company. period.

thehitman1586d ago

I had my GPU fail on my PC a few times and I can tell you when your GPU fails you get horizontal lines running across your screen or BSOD or screen just goes black and the fan goes into overdrive and you have to force restart. Definitely seems like a bad HDMI port/cable or this poor sap TV is on the fritz and he just getting to know about it.

frostypants1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Or just a UI glitch tied to a memory leak or something.

frostypants1586d ago

"GPU failure"? Really? What idiot submitted this?

_FantasmA_1586d ago

Static. You're being to kind. M$ had like 33-57% or more failure rate. That is unacceptable. They should have been sued.

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Ksar1586d ago ShowReplies(3)
Mr-Dude1586d ago

Expect these vids for the x1 also

jackanderson19851586d ago

care to back that up? or just trolling?

Mr-Dude1586d ago

They are launch systems, problems are to be expected. Sony is a better hardware developer than Microsoft and Microsoft is a better software developer. Remember 2006? There will be problems big or small. Leave it to us and the press to make it worse

isa_scout1586d ago

I actually will be buying both consoles, but he's right you can def expect these same types of vids for the X1.Just as XOne fanboys are trolling the PS4s launch there will be PS fanboys trolling the X1 launch.
EVERY new console ever has had issues at launch.It's the price we pay for being early adopters. The true test is to see if both companies can permanently fix these issues in a timely manner, and make sure they don't become a recurring problem.Honestly, I think MS learned from the RROD debacle so we wont see a high failure rate for the X1 which is awesome, but to think there wont be vids of the few that do break is kinda crazy.

kneon1586d ago

While I expect Microsoft put in a lot of extra work to ensure the xb1 is the most reliable console possible, every electronic device has a failure rate higher than 0.

And when you sell millions then there will be thousands of failures, even with a reliable device.

N4GDgAPc1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Yes there will be x1 vids. Seems like some here don't realize every console has a chance to fail.

It comes down to the PS3 and 360 debate I always here. "Well I got Yellow ring of death on my PS3 so it fails just as much as 360."

Yeah it sucks for them that there ps3 failed on them but there the minority.

PS3 had like a 5% chance to fail.
360 had 30% to fail. Any other product would have to recal with a failure rate that high. How they got away with it is they spent $1billion to add all 360's a 3 year warrenty.

Wii did have the lowest with around 1% fail rate.

I expect Microsoft will learn from there mistakes and not have a bad fail rate like the 360.

Death1586d ago

Failure rate is measured when consoles fail under warranty. All electronics have a 100% failure rate. The question is when.

cyclindk1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Yeah but the Wii had like, a calculator for a videocard and a digital watch for the rest of the internals powering its games...

Calculators and digi-watches hardly ever fail, so it doesn't count.

tiffac0081586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

My fear is this situation will become a battle of which one has the higher failure rate and every failure report will be blown out of proportions as if it where an RRoD issue.

kneon1586d ago

It almost certainly will get blown out of proportion, for both consoles.

Microsoft can't afford another RROD fiasco so I'm sure the XB1 is as reliable as can be.

And Sony can't afford anything like the RROD as they absolutely need the PS4 to succeed.

If either does have major reliability issues then it wouldn't surprise me if in a couple of years we'll be playing on the Amazon Xbox or Google Playstation.

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ltachiUchiha1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Warranty is always a good thing to have for launch buyers. =]

Edit: Anyone with no coverage for any launch system is setting themselves up for disappointment if anything happens to their system. The extra money for coverage is worth it.

iiwii1586d ago

They don't want you to remember that these things (if not software problems) are covered under warranty. They are still butthurt over having to buy 5 XB360's so they are trying to take a dig. Shows how bitter they are.

Death1586d ago

If someone bought 5 Xbox 360's that were covered under warranty due to failure, they are way too stupid to be "butt hurt" over anything. Fictitious fantasies like this only live in the minds of the Playstation faithfull.

NoLongerHereCBA1586d ago

Standard coverage on the device was sufficient for my Xbox 360. But we have at least 2 years of coverage here, guess it differs per country a lot. MS added 1 year on top of it with the xbox 360 because it was so terrible at the time. Didn't have to pay a dime for repairs (3 times in total).

Let's hope very little people have to go through the same thing on either side, because it sucks. I hope these videos aren't an indication of the average PS4, since I wish Sony all the best. Microsoft need proper competition (Nintendo doesn't partake in the console war, but just does it's own thing, which I also applaud)