Here’s a look at the broken spawn system in ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’

StickSkills writes, "While each entry in the Call of Duty series has a two-year development cycle, there always seems to be an issue with the spawn system. While certain iterations have had it worse than others, the spawn system in Call of Duty: Ghosts has been rather atrocious so far."

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DiLeCtioN1591d ago

Next-gen does not need this crap.

C-H-E-F1591d ago

I think i'm going to throw a retailer 60$ for bf4 to help support the cause. This is ridiculous!!

CynicalKelly1591d ago

You might want to look up things about BF4 first. It's not exactly working itself.

C-H-E-F1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Yeah, that's why I was going to hold of on my purchase until december-january, but sheeesh this video made me so mad got me thinking crazy. lOl

310dodo1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Spawn Campers are mainly a non issue on Ghost (play all day since launch)

Now to be honest and fair Search and Rescue mode does bring out the spawn campers. But its rare and only in big levels where they shoot from a distance.

IW actually did a descent job trying to eliminate jerks
These idiots on tape are the jerks I hate.

InTheLab1591d ago

Watches a video of the ridiculous spawns then reads this....

"Spawn Campers are mainly a non issue on Ghost (play all day since launch) " just saw it. Even casuals are complaining about the spawns. Two non gamer friends of mine randomly bitch about the spawns in this game.

Your denial is the reason why it will never be fixed...

Oschino19071591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

He plays since launch everyday and has rarely come across spawn camping except for when people purposely go to modes just to attempt spawn camps.

A video of someone trying to do it and because casuals and your "non gamer" friends complain it must be rampant and frequent.

First hand experience vs hearsay on the net and non gamer friends.... hmmmmmmm which has more credibility???

Maybe some of you pathetic hating trolls should watch some videos from popular and respected COD players if you want real info and not just latch onto any bs claim some pissed off person makes.

Funny how a majority of those hating COD either don't play it, haven't played this one and never intend to. Don't you guys have games to play or is finding reasons to bash and hate COD the only game you play anymore.

Any one can pick apart any games for flaws but my god, COD trolls take it to another level of ignorance and hypocrisy. If you don't play it or like it why even bother clicking the article unless you really are a pathetic sad excuse for a gamer.

There is very little honor in gaming anymore, thankfully I have good online friends that aren't tools and trolls trying to ruin others experiences or demean others for their gaming choices.

310dodo1591d ago

my denial?
have you even played the game?

I do, I play it like 3 hours a day since launch.
have never had a spawn camp problem.

these guys on video went out of there way to spawn camp...and Im in denial?

go play the game and stop hating on COD because its "cool" to do so.

InTheLab1591d ago

I've played...

CoD Pc
CoD BR1 ps2
CoD UO ps2
CoD FA ps2
CoD 2 X360
CoD3 PS3
CoD 4mw X360/PS3/Pc
CoD [email protected] x360
CoD [email protected] FF on PS2
CoD MW2 X360
CoD Black Ops PS3
CoD Black Ops 2 X360/PS3

And no I don't own or plan on owning Ghosts but I have years of experience with CoD and I can tell you that broken spawns are not exclusive to ghosts or any particular map or game type.

If you have the experience I have with the franchise, I'd might believe you if you said this is just dicks being dicks but I'm sure you haven't played as much as I have or logged in the countless hours on multiple platforms.

There's nothing you can tell me about CoD. I know CoD and I know the spawns for the last 4 games have been broken...particularly in MW3 and the first Black Ops. Not as bad on MW2 but bad in comparison to most other shooters.

So no I don't have to own the same damn game we've all been playing for over 10 years. You're fooling yourself if you think Ghosts is any different from the very broken MW3 and Black Ops 1.....especially with evidence right in front of you.


310dodo1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

didnt read your essay

but if you dont care about Ghost, why write out an article responding to me?

you must be one of those fools who hates COD all of a sudden hahah


johny51591d ago

They lost all respect!

amnalehu1591d ago

Broken game gets almost a 9; Knack get a 5 and change because the editor wasn't impressed and didn't like/understand the plot.

Swiggins1591d ago

It's also because Knack is a terrible game...I've played's boring.

CoD, as terrible as it might be, is at least marginally entertaining in some regard.

boldscot1591d ago

More than likely had a score over 8 before the game was even played. Game journalism is a joke these days.

miklo841591d ago

I hate the spawn system. So done with call of duty. Whatevs, hit me up on xbox if you wanna play with successful spawn traps. J/k, but seriously hit me up.

blahblah1231591d ago

Spawn camping has been in every single CoD multiplayer game ever made, people just have very poor memories. In some fairness spawn camping is basically the objective in some Battlefield 3 modes. You just push a team back far enough like in the Metro subway and fire away until the music comes up and flash, you win!

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