Child of Light Gets a Gameplay Walkthrough With Lead Programmer Brianna Code

Gameranx: "Ubisoft has unveiled today a walkthrough of Child of Light with Lead Programmer Brianna Code, offering an inside look at the turn based RPG set in the fantasy world of Lemuria."

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_QQ_1712d ago

i'm really excited for this, i love the artsyle way too much.

2cents1712d ago

Day one for me!

This game is really beautiful, so much atmosphere, it feels like a living animated painting.

I can't wait!

Game-ur1712d ago

Gaming needs more of this

whitefang19881712d ago

Why have I never heard of this it looks really interesting. Did I miss what platforms it will be for?

2cents1711d ago

PC, PS4 & Xbox One I believe...

medman1711d ago

This is a day one download for me. PS4.

myrddincrow1711d ago

Everytime I see anything about this game it gives me chills. The artwork, sounds and music are absolutely stunning. Can't wait to get my hands on this.