PSN Wallets Are Only For Master Accounts On PS4

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "What does that mean? I know it sounds slightly confusing. What it means, from what I gathered while reading the new Terms of Service yesterday, is that only the Master Account will have a PSN wallet and any Sub Account holders that wish to make purchases on the PS Store will need to use the funds from the Master Account wallet."

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phoenix_dusk1773d ago

Sony preventing kids stealing their parents' money from their master account?



grumpc1773d ago

There's probably lots of kids that use master accounts...

jjb19811773d ago

Not a lot of kids have credit cards

MasterCornholio1773d ago

How dare they mess with their freedom to ruin their parents.

The poor children.


Nexus 7 2013

DoomeDx1773d ago


Just a question..

I own a Nexus 7 myself. And whenever I write A comment on N4G, I dont get that annoying signature.

Are you really writing that yourself all the time?

MasterCornholio1773d ago


I use an App on my phone and my tablet that does that automatically. It never bothered me so i never turned it off.

BTW In case your wondering im typing on my PC now.

yellowgerbil1773d ago

Doesn't effect me as I will not have a credit card linked to the system. Only idiots would when there is the far safer way of buying PSN cards.

grumpc1773d ago

Why is Sony less trust able than linking your credit card to Amazon?

1773d ago
Dark_Overlord1773d ago

Its a good job all the CC info was encrypted then :P

ThatCanadianGuy5141773d ago

I assume he meant it in the same way i buy my PSN cards.You know, actual, physical cards, paid with cash, at ebgames.

Deadpoolio1773d ago

@ SHAMEonNINJAS You mean of course like the 0 people who had their credit card stolen...Oh yeah thats NOBODY had that happen....

Hey remember though when Microsoft let their users actually have actual money stolen from them for a full year through FiFa? When they allowed unlimited password attempts so all you needed was a brute force program...Good times I remember that, and hundreds of people lost hundreds of dollars for that full year, taking months to actually get it back..Then they couldn't access their gamertag cause MS shut them down for like 3 months...

It was even better when Microsoft started blaming their own customers, saying it was their fault because they had weak passwords knowing that it had nothing to do with weak passwords a brute force program will still figure it out

ExPresident1773d ago

Careful you are spreading the truth.