‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Xbox One potential resolution patch discussed

Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin has commented on the possibility of releasing a patch to increase the resolution for Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One.

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GraveLord1533d ago

"I don’t know if it’s possible to be honest. It’s not something we’re going to look at right away because we have higher priority items we have to hit first. Launching, especially with a whole new backend and so many different changes to our networking etcetera – there’s a lot for our engineers to do post-launch but I don’t know if they’ve even thought about where we could go with a patch like that. I actually don’t even know if it’s possible."

So no.

ctorretta1533d ago

Really stupid article. I hate these kinds of N4G links that try to hook you in with the implication that it was an actual discussion or that the patch was confirmed. It wasn't. It was just Rubin saying 'No'.

Also its from an interview that has been posted like a dozen times to this site. Really stretching to make an article from a 'no' answer in an interview that everybody has already referenced a bunch.

u got owned1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Even if the fix the resolution, the game still sucks.

thrust1533d ago

I bet you did not like it because you got owned in it all the time, and at the bottom of the scoreboard!

SlapHappyJesus1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


Or it could be that this is the worst release in the series and performs like crap, no matter the platform, to boot.

At least when talking next gen systems and PC.

u got owned1533d ago


I liked the franchise but they keep dragging it down with each new release. This franchise is in need of a major overhaul and i don't mean graphically.

Playstationologist1533d ago


Yep it's examiner. I hate that f***ing site.

Soc51533d ago

Exactly No...Wow Lol the examiner is trash. Last time I ever read or look at anything from that site.

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jay21533d ago

You can't patch HARDWARE.....

mewhy321533d ago

Exactly jay2, exactly. Don't pay 100.00 more for less. Get a PS4.

GmIsOnPt3601533d ago

Exactly, get the better spec'd system with the weaker launch and lesser online service. its cheaper up front ;)... or get both and have best of both worlds...frees up time hating on one particular product! cheers fellas

Volkama1533d ago

No amount of teraflops or pixels will render 300,000 Xbox live servers and a Kinect.

Pay the extra.

thrust1533d ago

The online service is worth it alone :)

Don't want a slap dash add on to keep up service!

Utalkin2me1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


Did you just say lesser, why not just use worser, lol? It frees up time from hating? And in your first sentence you was hating. I am assuming you was meaning weaker launch titles, if so that is a matter of opinion. I haven't used either online yet, considering neither are out. Being you obviously have used both online, feel free to fill me in on why one is "lesser" experience then the other online.

Xbox servers, Please tell why that is going to make your experience better then other competitors.

Why is Xbox1 online service better then PS4?

UncleGermrod1533d ago

i prob will sound like a bit of a fanboy myself here...but do you and the others put on the big fuzzy ps4 suit and hand out flyers in front of all the retailers? I'm sure we can all make a decision for ourselves. And don't come back with this $100 more crap, get a job you fool.

thrust1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Go and see for yourself, it's not hard to see and notice the difference!

LordMaim1533d ago

@UncleGermrod: Where the hell was that statement during the PS3 launch? Or are you only willing to turn a blind eye when it's convenient?

Regis1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@thrust I will go back to microsoft if they stop giving out indies or old AAA games that I can buy cheap only for gold, so I changed my mine to PS, gold does not require my money anymore.

Edit for spelling.

christocolus1533d ago

i agree with unclegermrod....why do you ps fans keep trying to run down the xbx one?its our business what we do with our cash and our choices shouldnt bother guys sound like a couple of evangelists trying to convert unbelievers..dude let it go..people going for the xbx one know exactly what they want...stop trying so hard.

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Wikkid6661533d ago

It's not a hardware issue. It's a crappy developer issue.

user74029311533d ago

if that's true why is ps4 running it in 1080p ?

jgrigs091533d ago

@ditypump. Obviously you have only read the title of an article and not the actual story. It was the developers issue not Microsoft.

Wikkid6661533d ago


You are oblivious PS fanboy... so I will put it in your terms.

PS3 is the best far better hardware than the 360.

How come Black Ops only ran at 540p? was it a hardware issue or poor development?

isa_scout1533d ago

So I guess that 90% of the developers releasing games on the Xbox One are from crappy developers?Listen guys, I plan to buy both systems, but since when did all N4G users become ignorant to the truth?
1080p is better than 720p.Fact. Infact I can't belive this is a freakin debate.
Xbox One has MORE launch exclusives not BETTER. Thats all a matter of opinion.For me its Killzone and Warframe, if thats not your cup of tea then kewl I wont knock you for it.
BUT to all these MS fanboys where the hell ahve you been for the past 4 years?In hybernation?Yes, you'll have more exclusive titles at launch, but I prefer to pick up the console that will be supported for its entire lifecycle.
I'll pick up the Xbox One for Titanfall and Halo5, but anyone that honestly thinks the Xbox One is as powerful or will have as many great exclusives as the PS4 is beyond a fanboy.Those are the people I like to call ignorant.

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MasterCornholio1533d ago

The patch will activate the super secret DGPU.


Nexus 7 2013

Sci0n1533d ago

but what about the power of the cloud?

MasterCornholio1533d ago

Yep they are going to use Xbox Live compute to boost the resolution.


Nexus 7 2013

ziggurcat1533d ago

sadly, that's what the fools at misterx think...

GodGinrai1533d ago


you people never get bored of using that one, eh?

Sci0n1533d ago

I been hearing from microsoft how revolutionary it will be and why there console will be the best one on the market. I am really curious to see how they use it. Could the cloud possibly be better then really good hardware even though everyone in the US doesn't have a great or even decent internet connection? some don't even have the internet.

nukeitall1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

The power of the cloud is preventing you from lagging out while playing online. No amount of teraflops going to help with the lack of servers.


It can as nvidia has shown cloud rendering:

Increasing AI and physics is done in Titanfalls already. Driveatar in Forza 5 also showcases AI improvement in the cloud that isn't possible on the console alone.

Sci0n1533d ago

but microsoft said it can be used to increase A.I graphics and in game physics I thought?

Playstationologist1533d ago

Wow you xbone fanatics are seriously challenged. PS4 can add an array of cloud servers but xbone will never get a gpu or gddr5 upgrade.

In fact, Sony has already entered a contract with a major server company. I forget the name but it's the same one titanfall devs mentioned as their preferred way of running the game. They went to m$ as a second choice to see if it was even possible.

PS4 will lead this gen through and through. I used 360 this entire gen and halo is my favorite game but xbone is garbage.

jgrigs091533d ago

Yea by your name I doubt you touched a 360. Playstationologist doesn't justify your own comment.

Palaven1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Sony will never be able to match Microsoft's Cloud infrastructure so no they can't just 'add an array of cloud servers'. If the Cloud lives up to Microsoft's hype, Sony most likely won't be able to provide the same services.

What makes it impossible for a console to have a GPU or GDDR5 upgrade?

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KimoNoir1533d ago

Lets take a interview and twist the entire title into one that is completely out of context and has no relation to the actual article and post it on n4g so we can stir a pot.

badz1491533d ago

1080p DLC...ook, that would be the 1st!

Themba761533d ago

res patch only for gold subscribers

Shadonic1533d ago

You just released confidential information on all of activisions future COD marketing plans.

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