Call Of Duty Hating: The Comprehensive Guide

It's appropriate that the new Call of Duty: Ghosts advertisement stars Megan Fox. Like Fox, Call of Duty could do no wrong back in 2007. Since then, though, Call of Duty has become a fashionable thing to hate.

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Agent11838d ago

With all the bad PR behind this game. I am disappointed that the devs couldn't do better job in making a more quality game, that would give out better reactions & feedback from it's consumers.

Bonerboy1838d ago

Why should they listen to consumers? The millions of mouth-breathing tards keep buying it.

Thomaticus1838d ago

I just want the game to show improvement. People love the franchise but hate the product that's been released.

Bonerboy1838d ago

I dont hate CoD...I just dont have any desire to ever play it again. It's boring, Period.

310dodo1838d ago

Hating COD is trendy now
all these sad people hate COD much
yet any article about COD they flock towards in an instant!

COD is fun and millions love it
the haters are funny because they still will buy the game, and pretend on N4G they didnt lol

iceman061838d ago

I think that most people who "hate on it" were actually fans of it at one time. However, for various reasons, have moved on. I's hard to believe that some people actually might not like CoD anymore. But, it's true. It has become trendy to hate CoD. But, that doesn't mean that there is nothing to hate on. Just like any cultural "fad" (not disrespecting CoD here), people who love it will defend it to the hilt. Those that don't can't understand why someone would waste their time on it.