Call of Duty Ghosts Review: Infinity Ward’s biggest and most ambitious game yet | FP

With four very distinct modes – each essentially it's own deep and polished game – Ghosts delivers serious value for military FPS fans.

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johny51867d ago

Surely that 9 was given for business purposes?

Baka-akaB1867d ago

Nope no way . That was MW1 .

DogtagDuke19921867d ago

How is this COD their biggest game yet with its whopping 4 hour campaign? I expect at least an 8 hour campaign out of my games. How sad that the developers with the largest budget make the smallest changes to their game.

Neonridr1867d ago

It's ridiculous to be honest. I am one of the few people who actually would buy the CoD games just for the SP. I haven't played online CoD regularly since the MW2 days.

And what's worse is BF4 is no different. Same 4 hour length of a campaign. That's ridiculous..