The World Is Not Enough – Definitive 50 N64 Game #39

After the poor reception of Tomorrow Never Dies, EA gave the N64′s version of The World Is Not Enough to Eurocom, who would finally deliver a competent sequel to one of the N64′s most iconic games. TWINE’s gameplay picks up right where GoldenEye leaves off.

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ape0071693d ago

AMAZING GAME (N64 version only)

the second greatest bond game ever after Goldeneye007

UltimateMaster1692d ago

Agreed. Goldeneye was the best.

Max-Zorin1693d ago

I still have this game.

nevin11693d ago

I thought Tomorrow Never Dies was solid on the PS1.

Anyway, World Is Not Enough was solid.

EA did a good job with Bond Titles.

TheROsingleB1693d ago

Correct, Tomorrow Never Dies was a PS1 game. No N64 release as far as I'm aware. It was pretty terrible.
Played so much TWINE and Goldeneye back in the day.

Sizzon1693d ago

Great game, I played it back in the day on the N64! that and Goldeneye 007, great split-screen moments with friends!

pkb791693d ago

Tried to play Goldeneye a month a so ago on my brother in-laws N64. It is pure shite. Slow, clunky, horrid targeting. Lets not look to the past with rose tinted glasses. Its like saying traveling with covered wagons was great when compared to using cars or planes.

cpayne931693d ago

Controls take a while to get used to, but once you get the hang of popping in and out of cover and strafing it is a far more rewarding experience than most shooters this gen. I'll take open level design with enemies that actually react to getting shot to the linear cinematic gameplay and bullet sponges of modern shooters any day of the week. Still one of the most enjoyable shooters I've played, I only played TWINE this last summer and really liked that game as well.

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