Watch_Dogs Companion App Dev: ‘Latency is something that we can not fight’

The forthcoming Watch_Dogs is set to receive a multiplayer mode alongside the highly anticipated single-player campaign, however it’s delivering a change-of-pace to the standard peer-to-peer online service. Utilising a free companion app, Watch_Dogs will allow gamers on a smartphone or tablet to compete against their friends at home, and Ubisoft assure that the ctOS Mobile app has been built from the ground-up to make this a seamless experience.

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nukeitall1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

You can fight it by having dedicated servers close to everyone like MS Cloud.

You can never eliminate latency, nor can you control when it happens, but you certainly can reduce it, and overall improve the performance.

RegorL1665d ago

Closest to one = furthest away from everyone else.

When entering a match the cloud system now have to decide what actual server to host the match on.

Or run a distributed hosting ADDING latency for all...
Creating a distributed game server without latency and consistency issues will not be easy. Think about it!

When connecting to a online server you know
- ping time
- number of players
- if your friends are connected with it (possibly from other channel, like twitter)
And you can decide if that is the server you like.

What parameter should the cloud use? Is ping more important than friends or not?

I am pretty sure it will boil down to you, the player, selecting one specific cloud server to connect with.

=> no difference between the cloud or any other dedicated server solutions...

malokevi1665d ago

Never say never! Quantum physics + time travel + teleportation tech = yo, latency, peace out homie.

give it a few years.

triforce791665d ago

Unlike the GAMEPAD that has zero latency in fact its quicker than my smart tv...

patsrule3161665d ago

That is why I wory about Sony's Gaikai plans and remote play on the Vita over the internet. If there is too much latency, you can't play most games properly. We'll have to see if they found a way to fight latency.

nukeitall1665d ago

When you want that smooth 60fps game, passing input data across the internet isn't going to work so well. It will essentially at best diminish your game into an online multiplayer type experience.

So Sony better damn well have those servers close to you, but I don't understand why I would want Gakai. Why wouldn't I just get a PS3 to play PS3 games and get a PS4 to play PS4 games.

Why bother with potentially laggy experience and compressed artifactfull video feed of my game?

Surely just bringing over a PS3 or PS4 game to a PS Vita is easier, gives you better experience and well cost far less than Gakai?

There is a reason why OnLive went bankrupt.

Ratty1665d ago

Well, I don't plan on using Gaikai (too much or at all) because I also have a PS3. But there are people I know who are interested in PS3 games that just won't get a PS3.

So, no it's probably not for everyone but I'm sure it has some potential clients somewhere.

Hicken1665d ago

How you have six bubbles is beyond me.

Based on your description, why bother playing ANY game online, ever?

nukeitall1665d ago


How you have three is beyond me_

I actually play a lot of online games. Probably more now than ever, but it doesn't mean I want my single player experience to be like an online laggy one, when it doesn't have to.

Online multiplayer is inherently laggy, because there is no real way around it, but why introduce lagginess when one can easily avoid it at a lower cost to everyone?

N4g_null1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

You could always make it for the wiiu... almost no lag at all. It is a form of cloud computing actually.... now if they can port all networking protocols to the api.

or even just use the 3ds and wiiu tandem. Yet they are not saying howit will play. Yet using a 3ds and wiiu offers at least 3player hacking fun in one room.

What is cool about the game pad is the damn thing can mimic almost any hand held device with no lag.... why this isnt being used is beypnd me but when you are spending million on wind and graphics I guess you sort of come up short. I wonder if the steam controller can compete with the no lag wiiu game pad.

I think using any other device is going to be too much of a hassle, which may award it lower marks from reviewers.