KEM Strike is the 25 Point Streak in COD Ghosts

GearNuke: I’m a huge fan of Nukes and MOABs and was really disappointed that Black Ops 2 didn’t have something of their sort. Well that’s about to change as it looks like the Odin Strike or KEM Strike as it’s shown in the game will be the 25 Point Stream in Call of Duty Ghosts.

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alexkoepp1669d ago

Killstreaks: why balance the game when you can make the leaders rape harder..

Rikuide_Furame1669d ago

The idea of killstreaks are CoD's problem anyway. Why risk playing the objective when you can sit in that corner one kill away from your next free kill?

Black Ops 2 at least heavily rewarded objective players i.e. cap a flag was worth two kills, getting a kill whilst capping a flag was also worth two kills, but I fear IW will revert to their old one point system and you'll just see a host of slayers.

Fishermenofwar1669d ago

That's why we have Battlefield...would you seriously want people who play COD 24/7 trying to camp on battlefield??

Its a campers heaven...Let them enjoy it...Play games like Killzone and Battlefield...Much better games by far....

xHoii1669d ago

You are quite right, but to do with the campers, I say they give you a free kill, by now you should know not to go into a room without checking every single corner first.. And another point, sometimes you have to camp to win, if you look at all pro players playing in competitions or if you ever played leauge play (against masters) then you would know that we cant just run out and challange that will just get us picked off quite easily.. But then again there are public games where the whole team is just camping and thats a big headache, its seems that its mostly the very low levels who do it, and treyarch really helped them with target finders and sooo..

Rikuide_Furame1669d ago


I do play Battlefield quite a bit too but it's hard to tear the friends away from CoD ha.


And that's part of the reason why competitive CoD (prior to Black Ops 2) really struggled as a pro FPS. Corner camping was viable. In games such as Halo where more shots are required, and a greater degree of gunskill is too, the tactic is less used.

neocores1669d ago

If you think that then get better. I have gotten over 2k+ moabs and no one has yet to get one on me

alexkoepp1669d ago

It's like,oh you have gotten 15 kills(points) and given none to the other team, have a AC130 and get 10 more free kills! Now hit right on the d-pad to win game!

What dumb ass thought this was a good way to play a game and added these mechanics, CoD4 had a pretty good balance but nowadays its just ridiculous

Revolver_X_1669d ago

MOABS in MW3 were only obtainable through gun kills, knifes, ect... Killstreaks do not count towards the MOAB.

Fishermenofwar1669d ago

*Waits for the Non Cod players stupid ass comments*

Detoxx1669d ago

COD Ghosts is like any other COD game, enjoy your copy-paste game

csreynolds1669d ago

Said like a true fanboy.

*claps slowly*

Fishermenofwar1669d ago

I'm actually not a fanboy of COD...

I play Killzone..

You guys just need to give it a rest already....

You're beating a dead horse.

"Gamers" play whatever the fuck they want to play...You can't really tell them what to do...

I love JRPGS..I love Dragon age..I like old Final fantasy games...does it make me less a gamer...Hell no..

I have friends who cringe when they see how many hours in RPGS...But that's the beauty of being a gamer..You can play whatever game you want and if people don't like it...fuckem :)

Sent from my Go Fuck yourself...

csreynolds1668d ago

I'm sorry, but what do you mean "you guys just need to give it a rest"? I wasn't the one who posted "*Waits for the Non Cod players stupid ass comments*"... (and, incidentally, I am a CoD player)

Nor did I tell anyone what to play. I think your comment is a touch flawed.

If you're going to troll people, expect someone to speak up in response. You made a generic comment in hope of getting a reply; don't get all high and mighty now you've gotten one.

I don't care what people play either, but I do care about people taking pot-shots at communities without reason or cause. Grow Up.

Fishermenofwar1668d ago

Who is trolling???

Not taking pot shots...who pissed in your corn flakes?

I play both games...With or without my comment someone from the I don't play COD camp would have commented about Fish Ai or some other Dog comment..

Relax dude... :)

csreynolds1668d ago

"You guys just need to give it a rest already"

"You're beating a dead horse."

"You can't really tell them what to do"

"Sent from my Go F**k yourself"

You pissed in my cornflakes, my friend.

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MnkyNinja1665d ago

i feel its faked to create hype. pretty sure they call them killstreaks on the official website, which would invalidate the "pointstreak" in the image. second obviously no one noticed the field order he has in the bottom left of the pic, something that awards the "Odin Strike" on a map like Strike Zone, which I am pretty sure he is playing on. Also its a picture, did people forget that people create hype like this with a program called Photoshop. I mean everything I have seen says this is the only guy to get this, and select people have been playing this game for a while now, he was really the only one to do this since the media has had the multiplayer "demo" since august? Also why is the Poinstreak KEM Strike and emblem color brighter than the other HUD font colors?

If this turns out to be the real deal then fine I'll gladly take it back, but till I experience this firsthand in the game, one person's picture of it does not make it true for me. Esp, when evidence suggests otherwise.