Character Search Reveals Scope of Gold Selling RMT Problem on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is definitely a solid game, but it does have a big problem: gold (or gil, as the local currency is named) selling and spamming Real Money Trade workers trying their hardest to control the economy and make as much profit as possible at the expense of legit players.

But what is the scope of the problem? A simple character search can help catching a glimpse on it.

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mr.selfdestruct1637d ago

God, I hate Gill Sellers!!!!! Get rid of them now!!!!!!

Sketchy_Galore1637d ago

Don't be mean, Gill Sellers is a nice guy.

zeal0us1637d ago

Gill Sellers got make a living too, bro. kidding

Gold sellers definitely can ruin your game experience.

Bimkoblerutso1637d ago

Yeah, it's a real problem when the first thing you have to do after rolling a character is create a chat scheme that does not include the "shout" channel.

Tetsujin1637d ago

Just like 11; I'm sorry but with a game this easy (from what I'm told) buying in game currency means you're either lazy, or just suck at making money.

Ratty1637d ago

It's not EASY but close enough. I'd say the game rewards hard work (or work at all)rather than sheer luck like in 11 and all the other MMO's I played.

And there's a lot of grinding involved.

dragonopt11637d ago

Lazy people that don't want to "work" for their own money and craft/use the AH.

MoneyMeng1636d ago

FF14Arr is one of the easiest games to make gil (money) in, not that it really matters because the game is boring anyways.