See how Batman: Arkham Origins on Xbox 360 compares to PC version at Max

GearNuke: Batman: Arkham Origins is a current generation game that is going to release on a PC as well — but with no next generation version in sight. It is not surprising to expect a Game of the Year type edition for next generation consoles though. If it ever comes out, we can at least have a good idea on how it looks by taking a look at the comparison between Xbox 360 and PC version.

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vishmarx1673d ago

not an extra $1000 good enough!

Muffins12231673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

You mean a few hundred?Get a good gaming pc to run this for around $700.This is not exactly the biggest pc port of the year btw,look at battlefield for the difference.

vishmarx1672d ago

i can get a new console+5 new games. for that.
and that console will last for 7-8 years.while the card goes obsolete in 2-3 yers

imXify1672d ago

The thing is, no 700$ PC would last 8 whole years :/

Deividas1672d ago

Thats the dumbest comment of the night. Congratulations sir.

Pandamobile1672d ago

"The thing is, no 700$ PC would last 8 whole years :/"

Most consoles don't either. Every person I know who bought a launch PS3 or 360 has had to replaced it as least once.

At least when you replace a computer, you're keeping up with technology. When you have to replace a device from 2006 with a device from 2006, that would make me rather bitter.

ProjectVulcan1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Bit late comparing these now. I played Arkham Asylum ages ago on 360 and then PC and it's far nicer looking on PC. Arkham City just widened that gap as well. Physx is a boon and looks absolutely amazing not to mention all the motion blur on PC completely invisible in stills. Everything is much sharper and combat is much smoother at 60 frames. Just as an aside for a minority here as well the Nvidia 3D vision on the Batman games is absolutely astounding. I know 3D has gone down the drain in popularity past year but if you ever play a game or two in 3D make it these.

What gets me every time with these articles though is that they usually choose to say oh well we downscaled the PC version to compare at 720p resolution to make it fair.

Well that's instantly dumb. It's not fair, not fair on PC at all. You immediately chop a massive PC advantage off at the knees just the pure huge improvement in definition of more than twice the resolution most PC gamers play at.

Reducing PC down to a pathetic (for PC) resolution of 720p just so you compare shots is like saying for fairness sake comparing this Ferrari to this Robin Reliant 3 wheeler, we are going to take one of the Ferrari's wheels off and then compare how they drive.

Sounds dumb? But that same thing happens everytime I ever saw these comparisons like it does here. PC starts with an artificial handicap.

decrypt1672d ago

Lol its funny people ignore that the same 700usd PC will be running games when the PS4 XB1 are out, yet all currency consoles will need to be replaced. Hell its even worth mentioning that none of your current games work on the next consoles.

All of this dismiss the propaganda consoles are for some reason cheap to game on lol.

decrypt1672d ago


I have known people who have replaced atleast 3 Xbox 360 and some people who have even replaced 2-3 playstations during this generation. Meanwhile their PC keeps trucking along.

Consoles being cheap is a rhetoric publicized by consoles company and their paid media.

bjmartynhak1672d ago

But there is the price cut on consoles too.

And $700? Meh, then it is not master race :p

Sure, up to a certain price, the relation price/performance is not linear, thus, not exactly worth to get the best card.

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_QQ_1672d ago

@ your second comment, in 7-8 years that card will still run games better than your console..., obsolete my ass... if you build an 800$ pc right now that is better than a console, sure in 3 years newer pc parts will surpass it but that PC will always run games better than the Console.

zaz121672d ago

but but but.....BALANCE ?? ;)

Hassassin1672d ago

They don't even compare with PC images at 1080p.
A gaming PC that does only 720p is cheap.

ginsunuva1672d ago

You don't buy a new pc just for gaming.

Everyone probably has a desktop and you just upgrade needed portions.

Volkama1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Whoa now speak for yourself. I totally bought a PC just for gaming, and it's a thing of beauty. Well it isn't, it's a big ugly tower. But what it puts on the screen can be beautiful :)

AndrewLB1672d ago

First of all, the PC stills were not using PhysX which brings a HUGE amount of realism to the game compared with the Vanilla version seen in these pics.

Look at the difference in this video...

And check this out to see how physx improves it game. pretty impressive.

combatcash1672d ago


Really $1000? Do you really believe that you need a pc that expensive to run that game lol.

If you already own a pc like most people in the world do, all you need is a decent video card no more than $200.00 to run any game on console buttery smooth :)

MadMax1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Have to agree with you. All the pc nerds feel the need to pour hundreds of dollars into a machine every year! For what, 10% better graphics? They must enjoy having their virus ridden rig crash on them all the time while gaming. Look at the screenshots, cant even notice the difference lol.

It seems like the most asinine thing to do! I just cant see their logic, makes no sense. Buy a console for gaming, thats what its for. Computers are not for gaming anymore. These nerds are still living in the 90s.

Gamer19821672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Lets look at the facts. You can play this native @1080p on PC and even 4K. It does look miles better however its running off a last gen engine made for consoles so that holds back PC hardware forcing less frames per £. Either way this game cost me £20 on PC compared to £40 PS3 version my PC was £900. I take off every game I save £20 on thats 45 games. I buy around 7 games a year £140x7= 980. So I more than made my money back and it blows 360/ps3 and xbone/ps4 away. Thats just on games alone a PC is much much more than a console.

combatcash1672d ago


Yup not only is it less expensive from a software standpoint, but whenever I decide to upgrade my pc all of my games still function and receive a performance boost. I love consoles but when I upgrade to a new one in most cases there's no more backwards compatibility and if there is, there's definitely no performance boost for those games. Then again you can always rebuy the HD re-mastered version of the game lol.

Pc is imo the best and most affordable gaming platform.

MadMax1672d ago

Stop living in denial. The difference in graphics is so damn minimal, its barely noticeable! Youre wasting time and money. Game on a console and stop geeking out!

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worldwidegaming1672d ago

looks very good! will be looking forward to picking this up.

ATi_Elite1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

WHy? Why even bother writing such a CRAPPY article?

Batman Arkham origins is NOT a game that's gonna use a whole lot of BLEEDING EDGE TECH.

It's NOT running on teh CryEngine 3 or Frostbite 3. It's using the CRAPPY Unreal Engine and it's a multiplat most likely made for the Xbox360 first then ported over to PS3/PC pretty much like every other multiplat this Gen.

7 years into this generation and we still get silly articles like this.

You wanna compare something? Compare Batman against The Witcher 2 and see just How CRAPPY Batman looks against a game that was made for the PC on a real game engine.

Compare that you CLOWNS.......YES I can feel the PC RAGE today!

elhebbo161672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I thought the physx implementation were pretty impressive, not a lot of games are doing that these days.

combatcash1672d ago


Not sure how they utilized PhysX with this game, but its usually a major performance killer so I play without it or on low.

FragMnTagM1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I still think Mafia II has the best Physx so far.

I am not sure if the tire deformation is physx related or not, but it sure is impressive.

The smoke from burnouts is physx though and pretty neat as well. It will sit there and build up and then you can drive through it and interact with it like in real life.

Also, the destruction is pretty nice too.

To get back on topic though of course the PC version will look better. The Physx in Arkham Origins is nicely done, however, it is not the best game to show it off.

Are_The_MaDNess1672d ago

PhysX isnt that bad in performance as it was back in the day.
everything runs smooth here with everything maxed out on a GTX 580.... and that isnt even a new card.

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HeavenlySnipes1672d ago

I just wish the devs didn't give such a big FU to AMD users (not to mention the huge list of bugs the game has across the platforms)

The game has so many problems for me, can't use any DX11 features or the cutscenes will lag like hell

cloud4951672d ago

Have gotten the new driver update? It still hasn't fixed everything but it plays a lot better than before.

dark_1011672d ago

I just upgraded to Catalyst 13.11 Beta
huge difference, very smooth and solid FPS in max settings with V-sync off

HeavenlySnipes1672d ago

Yeah I did

The actual gameplay is smooth but if DX11 is enabled then the cutscenes don't work. I dunno why

urwifeminder1672d ago

I could not even run dx11 on the last game with a oc 7850 now I have two works like a charm.

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