Shuhei Yoshida Has No Idea Why Adam Sessler Would Have A Problem With Sony

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida has no idea why Adam Sessler would have a problem with Sony.

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Iltapalanyymi1397d ago

come on someone shed at least some light in here.

ZodTheRipper1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

It's just an entitled douche overreacting about a decision Sony made. He got his minute of fame and that's about it.

Edit: I simply think that this is being blown out of proportion always. And it's probably only affecting these Youtube guys that might have just picked the wrong job.

BabyTownFrolics1397d ago

I like sessler. I don't always agree with him but calling is an entitled douche is unfair.

B-radical1397d ago

Sessler isn't someone that would make a big deal out of nothing. So either he knows something big or he is blowing it out of proportion which i doubt

pyramidshead1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Basically Sessler and a couple of others hyperboling some minor inconvenience and saying it's a threat on their jobs. lol

That's the 'impeding bad news' for the ps4 discussed in the earlier article, basically nothing that affects consumers, just 'reviewers'. Nothing more.

iamnsuperman1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

It isn't just Sessler. I get the impression some YouTube reviewers are pissed they are not getting PS4 kits to review games on it. Instead they have to go to an event to do it. I can see why he and others are annoyed but it seems a bit blow out of proportion. You are the independent YouTube guys. It is just a bad consequence not being apart of the big companies (same thing happens for movie reviews on YouTube and they don't complain. If you want that extra privilege you have to work for the big companies)

Nicaragua1397d ago


Are you kidding me ? Sessler was the one who had a tantrum over the name of a trophy in God Of War Ascension and marked its review score down because of it.

That's the very definition of making a big deal out of nothing.

Ezz20131397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

""Sessler isn't someone that would make a big deal out of nothing""

Really ?!
""bros before hoes"" ?! ....does it ring any bill to you ?!

Eonjay1397d ago

Maybe he doesn't want Sony to remove HDCP because it lets anyone capture video without extra equipment.

The only thing that could effect his job is if everyone (like you and me) suddenly became a reviewer. If HDCP stays, it will be much harder for people to the average Joe to compete with him.

harrisk9541396d ago

"He got his minute of fame"

Adam Sessler is one of the most recognizable journalists in the video game industry? He's been around since 1998 when he started hosting X-Play on Tech TV.

I have not always been a Sessler fan, but to say he is some internet nobody is incorrect.

In this case he is griping about an issue that will affect some game journalists, not the general gaming community.

johndoe112111396d ago


"Sessler isn't someone that would make a big deal out of nothing".

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!.. ....oh man...*sniff* crack me up....*sniff*

O.T. I like to watch the guy's show and his reviews but it seems that he is 'pulling a sessler' with this situation.

InTheLab1396d ago

He's always had this position towards Sony. He bitched about it on a Sesslers Soapbox once crying about embargos.

He's always had a stick up his ass about this and the launch of the PS3.

It's the reason why he's always preferred Xbox and why everyone accuses him of being paid by MS.

Honestly, I think he's one of the biggest jokes in the industry. When you have his influence, you can't take sides like he does. He simply needs to get over his personal issues with Sony if he's planning on pushing Rev3 into the bigs.

Also, this is the same man that said the PS4 costs the same as the XB1 when you add the camera and year of PS+. Of course XBL is clearly free in his mind and the PSeye is mandatory.

He's also on record for saying Wii games would be better with a 360 controller.

He says he's tired of military shooters when KZ3 launched and that he recommends Bulletstorm instead but changes his tune a week later when Crysis 3 drops.

He also asked Killzone fans if they "Fucked their mothers" for questioning his integrity but with a statement like that as well as his past actions and opinions, why would anyone take him seriously and not question his integrity.

Why is it no one has ever accused him of being paid off by Sony or Nintendo?

And his views on embargos does make him an entitled douche. No one says you have to have reviews ready on launch day. If this is about embargos or some of Sony's mandates, pay for those games like gamers do and stop bitching.

AndrewLB1396d ago

Or it could have something to do with Sony trying to have complete control over the initial reviews by journalists because the PS4 is having serious overheating issues.


xXxSeTTriPxXx1396d ago

Those jurnos throw the word entitled around at gamers all the time, the irony lmfao.

hakeem09961396d ago

ADAM SESSLER is the most respected journalist the gaming industry has ,to not say the only one if he has an issue with someone or something ,he has a pretty good reason for it .Don't you fanboys dare to disrespect him .

ThanatosDMC1396d ago Show
kreate1396d ago

After watching x-play, it is my opinion that adam sessler likes the 360, and morgan webb likes the ps3.

Adam is also sarcastic when it comes to japanese games. While morgan tried to defend it, adam puts her and the game down so morgan is like ... 'ok whatever, lets move on'

gaffyh1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I'd honestly like to know what this is actually about, because people are really making a huge deal out of it, and it seems like people are hyping it up to be the end of PlAyStation, and honestly can't see it being anything that bad unless Sony adopts Xbone original policies. And that's not going to happen.

If it is something really stupid, I'd like to see how Sessler digs him out of that hole.

@hakeem - He is one of the most well known, not the most respected.

SilentNegotiator1396d ago

"Sessler isn't someone that would make a big deal out of nothing"

Obviously you've never heard of the Bros Before Hos "controversy"...

xHeavYx1396d ago

The same Sessler that "doesn't know" which console to get Watch Dogs for, even though one of the versions have 1 hour of extra content

guitarded771396d ago

Sessler is a pretentious person (I'm not calling names here). I don't know about zod18's "entitled" statement, but it almost seems that way in this case. Sessler uses non-common, big words to make himself seem intelligent, but when a discussion goes technical in any way, you can clearly tell he doesn't know what he's talking about. You can tell he likes being a critic more than a gamer, and while on G4 had a clear bias toward Sony. I've never liked him, or trusted his opinion.

Braid1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Nothing to see here, folks.

From the looks of it, whatever the problem is, it's not something that might affect the end-user's experience, but rather something about how the gaming media will work with regards to initial reviews or such.

And to be honest with you, I couldn't care less about it as I buy my systems/games depending on my own opinions and preferences.

LetoAtreides821396d ago

B-radical you obviously don't know Sessler, he's one of the most hyperbollic guys on Youtube. For instance he claimed the world was ending because he thought he wouldn't be able to capture PS4 direct feed footage for his reviews (this was way back then when it was rumored that PS4 will have HDCP protection for games, today we know the PS4 will eventually get a patch to removed HDCP protection for games).

Let's not mention the fact that there are ways to circumvent HDCP, which he should've known about.

LetoAtreides821396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

sorry, my reply to Vikingland was posted in wrong section

PurpHerbison1396d ago

Sessler came over to G4 and ruined that network. I will forever hate that TechTV merge that brought Sessler over.

Muerte24941396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )


MisterXmedia was banned from neogaf for spouting ridiculous claims. If you believe him, you're either super eager to believe so or naive. He's pulling this from Kevin Dent's post that has already been disproven.

"Insider Daily. Xbox One is more powerfull but is really harder to programm for then PS4 at start"

He's quoting MisterxMedia. Yeah lol Xbox One is more powerful? This guy

Withdreday1396d ago

Adam Sessler is just a loser from a failed gaming channel that was 100% bias in favor of Xbox.

Why the hell do they care what he thinks? If they go listening to guys like him then we've got a serious problem.

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DeadlyFire1397d ago

Basically some novice reporters thought they could have a PS4 unit early before launch. They were wrong and now they are mad at Sony. Like seriously.

This is somehow news for gamers? Like we give a flying ffffffffffffffffff

Ducky1397d ago

Yoshida replying with three quotation marks is definitely news worthy.

I mean, couldn't he have used less, or why not more? I thought he would've used four. Why the downgrade Sony?
We must go deeper.

-Foxtrot1396d ago


He didn't want people to get confused with 4 question marks and the Playstation 4

vikingland11396d ago

I wonder what Angry Joe has to say on this topic? Because it will affect him also.

ThanatosDMC1396d ago

It wont affect Angry Joe since he buys his crap on launch or whenever he is able to get his hands on it. Sezzler just wants free stuff.

LetoAtreides821396d ago

Vikingland, I like AngryJoe's reviews but he is so in love with Microsoft that I have my doubts he'd get a PS4. He doesn't get free stuff like IGN and Gamestop and etc does so I doubt he'd fork over $400 for a Sony product. Plus he hasn't said anything about the PS4 since just before E3 and he never did the PS4 E3 video that he promised.