Snake can bring a companion to certain missions in MGSV, speed up time by smoking a cigar

Some interesting information on Metal Gear Solid V has surfaced.

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chrissx1850d ago

Some really cool details. so many great games upcoming and this is one of them

Nyxus1850d ago

Yeah, I just wish we had something resembling a release date for this game. Just an indication would be something.

Agent20091850d ago

Q3/Q4 2014 is a realistic option. Although, we might pick up Ground Zeroes some months earlier, if the theory about the separability of the two titles is true. I think it is true.

1850d ago
Nyxus1850d ago

@ Agent2009: Yes, I think that's the most likely scenario. I could see them release GZ first (digitally maybe) for a reduced price, and then when the full game comes out, bundle it with it. But I hope that if they do this, they will release Ground Zeroes for retail as well.

Agent20091850d ago

I wish they would release Ground Zeroes on a disc, but I doubt. Unfortunately. I can't see one mission being released for retail.

Nyxus1850d ago

It depends on its length and price I guess. For example, Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty was released on disc in Europe, and it was about 3 hours in length and 15 euro.

zerocrossing1850d ago

Is this a hint at a possible mulitplayer option I wonder? that'd be pretty damn cool if implemented well.

Nyxus1850d ago

Yeah, it could have a co-op mode like Peace Walker had. But it could also be an AI, or even another playable character.

Summons751850d ago

Can't wait for this game. Still don't understand how people are confused that GZ and PP are two seperate games. They said GZ is the prolog into the PP and compare it to MGS2 having two completely different experiences in the same game. Whenever they show a PP demo it always has bits from GZ in it.

Either way it's gonna be great and multigen too

richierich1850d ago

Speed up time smoking a cigar? great message for under age players

Nyxus1850d ago

First, it's an 18+ game. I don't think a cigar is the most shocking thing we will see in a game featuring revenge, child soldiers, mutilations, torture and executions.

Second, it's an electronic cigar as far as I can tell.

richierich1850d ago

First, I said under age players not 18+ (you know kids whose parents buy them any game they want)
Second, Snake was hassled in all the MGS games by many characters in the MGS games about smoking real tobacco products(Not electronic) a quote from MGS1
"Dr. Naomi Hunter: Snake didn't you know that cigarettes contain benzopyrene, a chemical that leads to lung cancer?"

Summons751849d ago

if ANYONE somehow gets that message out of that under 17 or not than I would highly suggest they be put in a mental institution with heavy therapy until they can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Also other characters typically harass Snake about smoking in any game and finally if anyone is upset with smoking in anything, they clearly have not been alive for the past 100 or more years. stop crying or don't play