Old Snake Action Figure by Medicom & Kojima Productions

The official Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4 "Goods" page announces:

"When famed Japanese toymaker Medicom releases the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Snake figure later this year, they hope to teach us all a very valuable lesson: that you can still look like a total badass...even if you're only 12 inches tall.

Featuring Medicom's RAH 301 technology, Snake's exoskeleton can be posed in a variety of stances while maintaining a realistic body line. Developed by the mad scientists at Medicom, and meticulously tweaked by MGS4 art director Yoji Shinkawa, the MGS4 Snake figure is scheduled to ship this November."

There are 8 pictures of the figure at the link.

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Fishy Fingers3885d ago

Pretty cool. Would of preferred a satin black finish rather than gloss blue. Still I wouldn't pay real money for either :)

Haven't we seen these before. I'm sure I've seen this and a Raiden model.

callahan093885d ago

Oh, I'm not sure. I was just at the Kojima website about a week ago and didn't see these up there. I did a search for articles about it here and wasn't able to find anything. It's definitely an awesome looking figure. I know we've seen the Raiden one before, but I don't recall seeing this one. If anybody knows it's been posted here before, I appologize for the dupe.

Fishy Fingers3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )


^Raiden figurine, plus a few more of Snake.

Not so keen on the Stilettos.

Hatchetforce3885d ago

The figure is already out. I have it.

Skerj3884d ago

I'm waiting for the Raiden one.

Ikanago3884d ago

The Raiden one is cool.

The metallic blue on Old Snake makes him look like he's wearing RoboCop armor to me.

callahan093884d ago

Heh. Yeah, that's a good observation. I do still think it looks cool though. I guess that's indicative of my unnatural love for Robocop.

Vito_corleone3884d ago

Snake must have the most pumped ass in the history of gaming, love it =)