Sonic’s Father’s New Studio Working on a Next Generation Game for PS4 and Xbox One

Yuji Naka is best known as the former head of Sonic Team, and as the Lead Programmer that gave us the first three chapters of the Sonic franchise. Not everyone know that after leaving Sega he created his own indie studio, Prope.

Now the studio is recruiting for a PS4, Xbox One project.

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Tetsujin1516d ago

A type of social game? I'll pass.

pedrof931516d ago

Another Sonic, another failure.

Abriael1516d ago

Can't be another Sonic, he doesn't have the rights to it.

Mind you, he programmed the good ones, not the failed ones.

pedrof931516d ago


LOL i don't know why after reading the article, I made my comment thinking of Sonic: The lost worlds.

3-4-51516d ago

Gamers want to play games....not talk about them while attempting to play.

I want to lose myself in the world of whatever game I'm playing and be so sucked in that I don't realize anything around me except the game.

I don't care what you do in your game, just let me play mind how I want.

MiHX21516d ago

I love it!!!!Sonic CD RULES THEM ALL!DEAD RISING,KILLZONE,TITANFALL,BELO W,FORZA Nothing will beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!1

ZHZ901516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Will look forward to his next game.

Spore_7771516d ago

I will play the title because:
1. Sonic was a tonne of fun!
2. He has stuck to what he is now good at and has a higher chance of bringing a title with great potential, as opposed to him making a come back in an entirely new genre.
3. Read number 1.

I have high expectations of the game's quality and experience it will bring.