Elder Scrolls Online character creation system lets you have a beer gut

Check out the beer guts and six packs possible with the character creation tool.

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Sadie21001011d ago

Do all races grow fat in the same way? If those cat people drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of nachos, will their tummies get bulgy first? Important questions.

mattdillahunty1011d ago

my biggest complaint with their character creation system is that Argonians can have breasts (and apparently it's always been like that in TES). Argonians are reptiles--they don't breastfeed. which is the entire natural and evolutionary point of having breasts.

GusBricker1011d ago

Argonian can breathe underwater and reptiles can't.

In other words, Bethesda makes their own rules.

anellunuxe20521011d ago SpamShow
barefootgamer1011d ago

You can tweak "posterior dimensions" too, apparently. Maybe I'll create an orc named Kardashian.

stavrami1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

with the ability to rape other people under the influence without the power to defend there self :-// this is the kardashian way

i was looking forward to this but at the price they were asking for subscription i may give it a miss

Raistlinhawke1011d ago

And people say games don't innovate enough...

redknight801011d ago

Finally!! I can more accurately match my appearance now!

greatcrusader441011d ago

Not sure if I'll make a character with it, but I love making my characters unconventional looking, makes them more memorable, not just a standard good looking built guy running around.

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