Max Scoville leaves Rev3Games

After a great deal of thought, Max Scoville has decided to say goodbye to Rev3Games and pursue comedy.

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jc485731674d ago

I'm going to be honest. I never thought of him as a funny guy.

WillGuitarGuy1674d ago

He had his funny moments I'll admit but most of the time I wasn't really a fan either. I do hope for a positive future for this guy seeing as Study Hall on Rev3 was so well thought out.

ajax171674d ago

Yeah, no loss at all. I never much liked him.

Indo1674d ago

I see him as a douche, not so much a comedian but a douche.

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ifritAlkhemyst1674d ago

Wow. What an awful imitation of a Cracked article.

Clover9041674d ago

The real mistake is to never pursue your passion. Wish him the best.

LOGICWINS1674d ago

Just because your passionate about something doesnt mean you should pursue it as a career. Im passionate about gaming, that doesnt mean Id give up my stable job with a good salary to re-enroll in college to study game development to MAYBE get a job in 2017 that pays what Im getting now.

admiralvic1674d ago


While your point is logical for once, this is one of those things you "have to do". Typically most people reflect on their life and ask the ever important question "why didn't I pursue a life in what brings me joy?"

limewax1674d ago

@ Admiralvic

Although I'd rarely agree with him too, there's a billion reasons somebody may not follow the path. I'd love to design games, but I'm not going to sacrifice my house and possibly relationship to be jetted all over the world in hope of a job that lasts 2 years and ends in getting layed off once the project is finished.

LOGICWINS1674d ago

Yeah, he's gunna regret this in a few months and come back to Rev3 begging for a job. I liked him on Rev3, but I dont c him doing well in comedy.

deathstriker1674d ago

I never really got what Rev3 was going for. A news/critical site like Giantbomb & Polygon, something like Gametrailers, or just a Youtube channel/video hub? Anyway, he's pretty funny on The Comedy Button. Probably the funniest guy lately. It's his life no big deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.