Activision expects Call of Duty to be biggest selling game

In an interview with MCV, Activision explain how they believe they can beat Grand Theft Auto V's sales records.During an exclusive interview with MCV Kevin Flynn, a senior manager at Activision, stated that he believed that the Call of Duty franchise would be able to break the sales records set by Grand Theft Auto V in September. He went on to say:
"We look forward to getting the record back before the next GTA title."
Activision also congratulated Rockstar on their success so far. You may remember how a couple of weeks ago we spoke about Grand Theft Auto V broke all the sales records for video games, achieving a massive $1billion of sales in just three days

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Mr_cheese1491d ago

I know they are a business, but I wish they wasn't so obvious about wanting every penny they can claw at.

COD has been a disappointment for years, and I just couldn't bring myself to buy into it again.

Kingthrash3601491d ago

yeah not as much hype is behind this one...shocking because of next gen versions are coming. but we all know its the same ol same ol so many like me are not to hype about getting bf first this time flippin awsome game.

HammadTheBeast1491d ago

EA are no better than Activision when it comes to milking, only difference is that their games are actually good, and improve.

BF Premium is an insane ripoff, the fact that they've cut so many DLC maps and are restricting guns and stuff is pure garbage.

XB1_PS41491d ago

I'm not falling for it, as well as most of N4G isn't, but we're not millions. I hope they get a reality check sales number, so that next years COD has some real effort in it.

Rageanitus1491d ago

Im ok with them release it every year, as long as they keep with the same formula with two studios making the COD games. My problem is the DLC and the season passes, these should be really free IMO

ATi_Elite1491d ago

Seriously Call of duty Ghost will start the COD decline in sales.

Sure it will move millions of units but it will not beat Black Ops 2 and dam sure will not beat GTAV numbers.

WHY? Because everyone will be playing Battlefield 4 that's why.

COD has peaked and now it shall begin a slow decline like World of Warcraft. Still a force, still a HUGE money maker but there are OTHER things to play.

See you in Conquest mode. I'll be the guy in the LAV OWNING Jets and helicopters.

Magicite1491d ago

1. if they will outsell GTA5, world is doomed
2. call of duty has been biggest selling game of the year for almost decade now, obviously activision expects nothing less

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Kayant1491d ago

They are not stealing the crown from GTA any time soon.

Gozer1491d ago

Success has pretty much ruined COD. They were so successful that it has made them afraid to build an engine to progress the graphics. They have kept the same gameplay for their MP for what 4-5 games now. Im surprised that they are actually using dedicated servers for the X1. Success has done more to hurt COD than it has to help it.

Sitdown1491d ago

Why are surprised they are using dedicated servers?

HammadTheBeast1491d ago

It's the first time they've done something that hasn't screwed up the series since MW2.

Sitdown1491d ago

I guess I just don't understand the work in using dedicated servers that Microsoft is providing for free or reduced price.

GreenCharles1491d ago

Go home Activision, you're drunk.

Tetsujin1491d ago

Want to beat GTA 5 sales? Stop making the same yearly garbage and go that extra mile for both offline AND online (outside obvious GTA online issues).

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