Microsoft’s Albert Penello on Browsing with Xbox One’s UI and Voice: “Fastest Navigation Out There”

Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning Albert Penello wrote about browsing the UI of the Xbox One and about the integration with voice commands, expressing great confidence in how fast it is.

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JunkieJedi1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

This all, of course, is acting on the assumption that the Kinect 2 works as well as they say it does - with all languages and accents. Somehow, I'm not entirely convinced it will. But if you're a suit wearing, educated and preferably wealthy North American you should be okay....but as far Micro$oft are concerned, who else matters??

OrangePowerz1804d ago

Or realistic, we all know the claims MS made about the first Kinect on what it can do and how great it can do it and that didn`t really work out.

P0werVR1804d ago


But that is the first one. Can you at least not consider the technology in it this time around?...or, your just angry???

OrangePowerz1804d ago

I`m not saying they didn`t improve on the technology, only that I would take it with a grain of salt on how well it will work. It`s like if Sony would come out with a new version of Home for the PS4 and go on about how great it is. I would look back at the first one, their claims and start laughing at them.

-Foxtrot1804d ago

Thats a new one, anyone who criticizes or shares realistic comments on Microsoft thanks to what they've said in the past are now "Angry"

Well least we've moved on from using the word "troll" for now ¬¬

Haters - Trolls - Angry People

Eonjay1804d ago

Maybe they should just post a demo

Mustang300C20121804d ago

They have posted plenty of demos and I am sure more are on the way. Doesn't matter the same ignorance and people who claim they don't care for MS or anything related to them will still be hollering and wasting their time posting how much they don't believe or want a device more than they spend on what they say they enjoy. Nothing new.

georgeenoob1804d ago

Kinect 2.0 is mind-blowing. Too bad there's all these haters out there to not give it the credit it deserves.

Eonjay1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I haven't seen any voice demos since the reveal. Have you? He is saying that it is smooth and quick, but wouldn't it be easier to just post a demonstration of it being used. Most people realize the presentation wasn't representative of the final product. We get that, things change; the interface is bound to evolve. There is only one month left so people are getting restless to see the voice feature in action.

Eonjay1804d ago


or Maybe Microsoft is waiting for the right time to show it. If I were on the marketing team, I would wait until a week before PlayStation launches, then I would ad bomb like crazy.

OrangePowerz1804d ago


I can`t speak for the others, but I will buy an Xbone. As soon as I can buy one without Kinect and I don`t care if it is a used console where the seller decided he will sell it cheaper without Kinect or if it is a new one in case MS decides to sell them without Kinect. I couldn`t care less about Kinect and I wouldn`t use it and therefore not willing to pay extra for it. If there are ever a few great games that are really awesome when using Kinect I would consider buying a Kinect as a stand alone device. As long as this is not the case no sale.

That`s not because I`m a Sony fanboy or something like that. That`s because I won`t support MS for forcing a device because they have invested maybe too much money on Kinect and want to get some profit out of it or because they want to get the casual market. They don`t force it because it makes games better. I`m sure I would have fun playing Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3, but not at the cost of paying extra for something that I don`t need for games and that doesn`t make gaming better.

JokesOnYou1804d ago

Why does it matter to folks who don't care about Kinect 2?

OT "Show me the money". I've seen small partial demos of specific Kinect/UI functionality but a hands on Live walkthrough would be welcomed. Understandably they are hard at work finalizing things for launch and of course things will constantly change for the UI so just show us when its ready is the best way to do business, despite my impatience.

UltimateMaster1804d ago

Yeah, both the Xbox One and the PS4 will have voice command, but honestly, I'd rather just use a controller.

nukeitall1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


The first Kinect had fantastic voice control and accuracy was excellent.

That said, instant switchin and voice commands makes ease of use the de-facto standard on Xbox One. Nobody else can touch that right out of the box!

Still really want to look for that controller, flick around with your thumb, then the controller is available and your apps/games are pinned for even faster access.

Kinect One is freakin awesome and I'm glad MS designed their console around it and stuck by their guns.

They did't let the fangirls ruin that part!

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SegaSaturn6691804d ago

Wasn't the kinect voice stuff staged on all the prior presentations?

pogayoga11804d ago

That demonstration at the reveal was all staged.
It was painfully obvious when Yusif Medi was demonstrating Skype, as the conversation was pre-recorded.

I just need to see this in action to believe it.

mhunterjr1804d ago

I've seen plenty of demonstrations with the press present that weren't staged. Members of the press asked to see certain things, and the presenters used Kinect voice features to access them.

Abriael1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I doubt they'll be so crazy to launch with it not working, come on :D

Voice rec has done some pretty big steps lately.

OrangePowerz1804d ago

Sure it will work, question is how well will it work. It might work as well as MS claims or you might need to repeat phrases over and over again until it works.

kenmid1804d ago

Kinect for the 360 voice control works perfect, I don't see why Kinect 2 would be any differnt.

CynicalKelly1804d ago

I can't take anything seriously from a person who uses the dollar sign in Microsoft. I immediately write it off as some dribble from a fanboy.

It's like the people who use horrible uncreative insults like Shitbox and Gaystation. Why anyone takes these people seriously, I will never understand. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to speak this way on this site lately.

JunkieJedi1804d ago

Yes, let's immediately write off somebody's perfectly valid opinion because I don't like something they did - how very grown up and accepting of you.

I don't like it when people confuse your with you're but that doesn't invalidate their opinion to the point of nonsense...or make me assume they're idiots because they don't know the difference!

Additionally, the '$' you refer to was edited in after my comment was posted, originally I had just put a plain old 's' in the middle. But, upon looking at it I felt the '$' actually made a point that was relevant to what I was saying, in the context of the very sentence it is used it - whilst keeping an already lengthy comment from growing much longer.

Your reply added nothing to the discussion and only served to call me a fanboy whilst attempting to invalidate my opinion on the basis of a punctuation mark you disagreed with....a very fanboyish thing to do! ;)

Blaze9291804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Voice Commands on Xbox 360 work damn near perfect as it is. So why is anyone expecting less on a majorly improved version and next-gen system?


"with all languages and accents."

how about just worrying about YOUR language and accent. If kinect doesnt nail ever dialect out there what is it a failure to you?

JunkieJedi1804d ago

The only way to ensure that it will respond to my language and my accent at launch - before I drop hundreds on it - is if it responds to all of them!

Additionally, I am not totally selfish and don't think ANYONE in the world should have to pay a premium price for something which won't work for them. Much like the reviled 'always on' feature they backtracked on - why should people pay for a feature they cannot use? Not to mention the cable features will only exist in the US as well at launch...Global users are buying the same kit for a (generally) higher price and not being able to use all these much touted features. I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune if there was a possibility that these things wouldn't work/apply to you.

Insomnia_841804d ago

The real question is, even if it works, how many people will actually use it?? How many ppl use the voice commands in phones? Will they force it and try to make you like it or get use to it??

otherZinc1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

It's safe to say; Whatever the XBOX ONE Kinect does, it's better than the PS4 Eye.

kenshiro1001804d ago

You don't even have the console yet. Broad assumptions much?

nick3091804d ago

Kinect reads my accent greatly, my ios devices always think i swear at them.

CynicalKelly1804d ago

I don't think you can take the high ground on maturity when you are criticizing a corporation for not being a non profit organisation nor do I think it's comparable to link bad grammar invalidating an opinion to somebody childishly putting dollar signs in the name just because they won't provide a service for free.

Editing in the Dollar sign afterwards does not make it seem less childish, that is like saying "Xbox Done" and "Indiestation" are relevant and makes a point. It doesn't, it's just childish and using terms like that makes you seem like a fanboy, which invalidates your opinion as liking a product/company is not a reason for hating the other. It's rare they say anything with much merit.

I was not calling you a fanboy or even implying it, nor was I trying to invalidate your opinion. I was implying that if you type like a fanboy, then I will interpret you as a fanboy, and won't take you seriously.

And I highly disagree that hating fanboys is "fanboyish" I will be getting both consoles and will continue to pity the fanboys of both sides who say stupid things. If you had come off as an Xbox fanboy, I would still have called you out on it.

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OrangePowerz1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

My mouse and keyboards begs to differ, that`s only because I`m not using Window 8 :)

Edit: Since they use the Metro UI I can see why voice control would be faster. I just need to look at the 360 how fast it was to navigate around before they changed to the Metro UI and how slow it was afterwards to get to things.

M-M1804d ago

Awesome, can't wait to pickup my Xbox One on launch day.

B-radical1804d ago

Im with you on that one buddy! I know I wont use kinnect for gaming but ill perhaps use it for navigation.

kenmid1804d ago

lol, all the Disagree, the PS4 haters are in the room

ZHZ901804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I don't get it sorry but I am curious about this reading your comments you counter Xbox fanboys and side with PS side especially I read your report today that counters what Ksar has submitted.

I always thought you'll be getting PS4.(Just curious)

Anyways I gave you an agree, we all should repect each other's choice.

corvusmd1804d ago

Why are you getting disagrees just for wanting an XB1? Are people so insecure that they need to try and crush your opinion..."No, you CANNOT be happy with an XB1...Sony said so"

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TechMech21804d ago

Xbox one gonna be great!!!!!!

christocolus1804d ago

i know ill definitly be using the sounds very convinient and easy to use.

ape0071804d ago

Great, Xbox one sounds better each day