The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt To Be Powered By SpeedTree

IDV revealed today that CD Projekt RED's upcoming The Witcher title will be powered by its SpeedTree technology.

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theXtReMe11801d ago

I thought they announced this from the start. I think pretty much any game that uses any sort of vegetation in it is using Speedtree. Otherwise, a developer can waste an insane amount of time on crafting the environment. Especially when it comes to the art assets and animation.

DoctorJones1801d ago

Unless they make their own technology that is better.

Eldyraen1801d ago

True but most companies probably don't want to allocate so many resources to keep it up to date. It's why Havoc, Illumination (whatever it is called), etc are popular still. Easier and more cost effective at times.

I simply love all the background tech that makes things possible today--even if I don't actually understand even half of it ;)

DoctorJones1801d ago

I agree, but I do root for the companies that try their own way of things, if everyone just uses the same thing all the time it gets stagnant.

Not to knock anyone, I just like it when devs develop their own tools.

Mariusmssj1801d ago

Their using the newest version that is not publicly out yet. SpeedTree dev team actually worked together with CDPR to get the tech there.