Nba Live 14 Athlete Lineup & New in-game screenshot at the end. (Victor Oladipo,Orlando Magic)

Athlete Lineup/ Screenshot of Victor Oladipo from Orlando magic , and More!

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Kingthrash3601736d ago

still not showing enough. man i feel a flop.

305LoneWolf1736d ago

Show gameplay footage, stop showing all these screenshots.. WTF man..

gedden71735d ago

You know why they haven't showed it yet right?? Because the game isn't up to par. EA is proving to be AGAIN incompetent with NBA live...

gedden71735d ago

LMAO they still dont want to show gameplay.... Hahahaaa They are trying to hype and really buy time to make this game running at 60 frame per second and to look good.. It anit gonna happen..

Khajiit861735d ago

Im playing 2k14 right now and have no plans of getting live. Show me something that will make me buythe game or else its 2k all season.

DunDee9101735d ago

2K hasn't shown any next generation gameplay either. In fact, Live has shown more. However that new 2K screen shot has me reconsidering which NBA game I get.

curtis921735d ago

Live has not shown more... what do you call that pre-alpha ps4 footage from E3 of 2K14? All EA showed was CG video of Live at e3. And 2 seconds of in-game since.

JetsFool35001735d ago

That last live trailer was "in game footage"

Khajiit861735d ago

That is false my good sir. 2k has teases us with more and I have seen gameplay from every nba 2k game before release even if it was off screen it was still a better taste then what ea is trying to show us.

gedden71735d ago

You are half right... EA has shown more gameplay BUT its trash compared to the 5 seconds that you missed or have seen on TV but cant believe that its gameplay because of how realistic/great it looks..

Look up step into my world 2k TV spot or Next Gen gameplay 2k ps4 and get back to me..

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