Spec Ops the Line Review (esoteric-anomaly)

Captain Martin Walker arrive at Dubai with his squad on what should be a recon mission, what unfolds drags you through the hellish sandstorm stricken ruins along a path that pushes the players sense of morality to a whole new level.

The Esoteric Anomaly reviews this action packed third person shooter that has more to it's design than meets the eye.

Please enjoy!

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ATi_Elite1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I really didn't feel like playing video games today but guess what I found something to play.

Oh don't get me wrong i got plenty to play on my PC but it's just that my Brain is fried from all the heavy tactics and strategy and thinking involved in my games.

Looks like I'm gonna go find Spec-Ops PC for a cheap price online download it and play it.

looks like a Steam coupon through Rocket Games has me Spec-Ops for $9.99

Xristo1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Beat this last year. Gameplay is nothing special but it does have one of the most unique and memorable stories, with multiple endings. Have fun! :)

ATi_Elite1767d ago

Yeh i wanna see the story cause i heard it was great.

I got 2 keys so i will give a copy away to someone.