Thief Dev Says Melee System "Not Good On Purpose"

During an NYCC panel today Thief's lead level designer Dan Winfeld Schmidt said the melee was "not good on purpose" to discourage fans from ignoring stealth.

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porkChop1715d ago

That's not a good reason at all. Either do a good melee system or don't do one at all. Doing it half assed is ridiculous and it brings down the quality of the overall game. This sounds more like an excuse for being lazy than anything. Purposely doing something half assed, and then telling you fans about it, is not a good way to convince people to have faith in the overall product. What other features did they sloppily throw together?

zeal0us1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

They should've made a good melee system and left the choice up to the player on which method to use.

No telling what has happen with the development team since April.

Something telling I will be waiting a while before I pick this game up.

JokesOnYou1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Well then I guess I'm not going to buy the game on purpose.

I mean I get it he wants the focus on stealth but imo thats a terrible way to implement it....why not just make the stealth so rewarding that its much more likely the user will choose that route instead of gimping his fighting ability?

Jyndal1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

The melee systems in the other thief games were bad, and it made sense. You're a thief, not a soldier or an assassin. A single soldier could butcher you in seconds in the other games, so it was in your best interest to not be seen or heard, to use misdirection and trickery to survive. There's nothing sloppy about it, it's just making a stealth game a stealth game.

DragonKnight1714d ago

Yeah, because there are no thieves who know how to fight at all.

grassyknoll1714d ago

Reading this has actually made me more excited about the game.

lfPetrini1714d ago

You have to understand that most people here must be around 12 years old and probably don't even know this is the fourth game in the series.

theEx1Le1714d ago

To be fair @DragonKnight, your thief knows how to fight, just badly by the sounds of it.

KillrateOmega1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )


He can fight. He just can't fight well. Pay attention, man.

It's a STEALTH game, people. You're supposed to use your head, not your fist :/

Pintheshadows1714d ago

Garrett has always been more flight than fight. The first two games would decimate you if you tried to stand your ground.

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come_bom1714d ago

"Thief Dev Says Melee System "Not Good On Purpose""

This is one of the dumbest excuses i have ever heard!
I agree @porkChop... do a good melee system or don't do it at all. Let the player have the choice of how he wants to play the game, melle or stealth.

Every time i hear news about this game, i get discouraged.

KillrateOmega1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Except it's no an excuse at all.

Think about it. You're a thief. You have a thief's body: lean, lithe, and nimble. You're not built to just step out into the open and start fist-fighting every living thing you come across.

You're not an assassin nor are you Kung Fu Jesus. You're just some dude who steals sh*t from from the shadows.

It's a STEALTH game. As such, they designed it so that you would have to play it in a stealthy manner. If you're not interested in using your head and instead just mindlessly killing every man/woman you come across until you get what you want, then go play Assassin's Creed or something.

Blaze9291714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Lol really developers? That's where we at now? They all might as well be like, "Forza driving not good on purpose," "guns have terrible accuracy on purpose in CoD," "Oh that glitch? That's on purpose as well as that bug." "And this is all to create a better experience for the player."

Dumbest excuse ever

Hicken1714d ago

Man, people definitely know how to be ridiculous.

I'm talking about you, by the way.

You're not a trained soldier. You're a thief. In today's world of instant gratification, not too many people would willingly take the stealth route if they knew that could fairly easily take down every enemy they ran across. It unfortunate, but that's the mindset of the majority of gamers.

So if you want a stealth game that excels at being stealth, an if you want people to actually experience how good that stealth is, then you have to discourage playing other ways.

ThichQuangDuck1714d ago

N4G complains when ridiculous action heroes doing too much COD like set pieces stung together as over the top. When games not fully focused on combat called STEALTH GAMES do not have combat they complain. They ruin great franchises like Splinter Cell by making the game what they want it to be for the sheer reason that they do not like stealth games and patience. It is a genre of game if you don't like it then it is pretty simple don't buy it. There are fans of how it works. It makes sense design wise it is not equivalent to driving bad in forza or accuracy in COD. Those games don't aim for the fun of actually driving a car and the consequences. Call of duty isn't aimed at realism like Arma. Thief is aimed at STEALTH fans if you want to kill every guard it is going to make it difficult to do so but you can. You use the tools you are given.

porkChop1713d ago


I'm not saying the game should be action focused. I'm saying that if you're going to do something, do it right or don't do it at all. Don't purposely put a shitty system in your game just so players don't use it. That's a waste of resources that could be used to make the rest of the game better. Don't do melee at all if you don't want players to use melee.

ThichQuangDuck1712d ago


I think people are over reading this comment when he says Melee system is not good. I take it that it is a basic melee system that is not very effective at dispatching elements but works fine as a game mechanic. Is put there in case of tense situations in those stealth moments when as players we fuck up but we want to continue playing. It is not put in there to be used other than fuck ups from what I can understand.

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ninjahunter1714d ago

He clarified that they made the combat system not very fun, or rewarding to discourage people like the call off duty, or assassins creed crowd from just tanking through levels.

To be fair to the devs, The melee in all the thief games have had this theme, and very few people have complained about it.

PixelNinja1714d ago

I actually like that, I would never imagine person fist fighting their way through enemies easily; getting into a fist fight should take a toll on the player.

Zeniix1714d ago

Yeah guys the gameplay sucks on purpose btw

sdozzo1714d ago

It's a hard balance to make but I hope the game is good.

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