Final Fantasy VII on iOS: Critical Analysis

If it comes to iOS, a port is fine and is welcome if done right; an RPG such as Final Fantasy VII would seem to transition well to a mobile device in terms of controls and the little graphical power needed for a straight port. Without a doubt, the hardware is more than capable to keep things true to the original. Also, it puts the game into the hands of a lot of people, those who own an iPod Touch, an iPhone, and/or an iPad. This is a huge audience, giving Square Enix the opportunity to pull in even more fans of the series. Hence, a port does have positives.

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Chrono1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I think FF7 on iOS will be a modified ver of the PS1, not a remake.

1885d ago
GenericNameHere1886d ago

FFVI iOS announcement already killed SE for me. No matter how good KHIII and FFXV will be, if FFVII remake is exclusive to iOS instead of consoles, I'm done with them. The "HD towns is too hard" is a BS excuse now on PS4/Xbone.

HeavenlySnipes1885d ago

I don't think they mean a full remake

I think they mean remake as in the controls and the UI is changed to adapt to touch controls but it'll still be the same PS1 game

Also, the reason they haven't remade it the way you're talking about is because it would take a realllly long time to do so.

Just think about all the places you visited in the game, now imagine them having to make all of that in 3D and detailed and explorable. They'd have to drop everything and commit everyone to that. It makes more sense financially to work on multiple new titles than have everyone spend years to remake an already successful game

1885d ago
HeavenlySnipes1885d ago

Yeah, but that would cheapen the experience. Look at a game like Final Fantasy XII? They made the entire world of that game explorable, it'd be a disservice to a FFVII remake if it were only half redone

dark-kyon1885d ago

square enix thinking in remake final fantasy 7 in ios exclusive is a insult to the fans of that great game.

pinkyxyz1885d ago

we have begged for years for a remake of ff7 for consoles or even psp at one time, and this is how the company repays us? wow

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