Battlefield 4 Beta: Obliteration mode now live

DICE added a new game mode for the public beta called the "Obliteration mode" in addition to the existing modes, Conquest and Domination. As usual the setting will take place on the Siege of Shanghai, a thrilling bomb planting and defusing combat between the China and the U.S. armed forces.

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finbars751890d ago

To bad its only on PC.I went into filters on the PS3 but it wouldnt work when I went back into servers.I dont play the beta much anyways considerinf that the beta is old and pretty crappy.

KwietStorm1890d ago

I played it on PS3, and I LOVE this mode. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much teamwork too. You have to tweak your filters more than just selecting Obliteration mode to find active matches.

ArchangelMike1890d ago

It's live on PS3 as well. You need to go into the server list, and set your search filter to 'Obliteration'. THe list of game servers will then show up . Don't go through 'Quick Match', as it's not one of the 2 default modes (Conquest & Domination)

MWong1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Lucky you, I was on a team yesterday and 6-7 of them were roof top snipers not hitting anything or laser designating any vehicles.

GamerzElite1890d ago

Its on PS3 too, Last night I search that server but unfortunately no players available to play/

Majin-vegeta1890d ago

go to browser server>check area of players of 1-5>enjoy :D.

memots1890d ago

Keep the tea bagging going.

MajorGecko1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

this is so much better then conquest, although some teammates like to walk towards your own base with the bomb or hide inside their bombsite which is the dumbest thing you can do

ArchangelMike1890d ago

Exactly. I don't know why team mates get the bomb and start moving towards their own base to get away from the attackers. Once you drop the bomb in your own base, it's easy for the attackers to pick it up and get a quick score in you bases.

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