Multiplayer Isn't So Massive Anymore

Kotaku: "Bungie seems to have coined the term 'shared world shooter' for their newest IP, Destiny, but the general concept might sound familiar. While not everyone may be a fan of huge MMOs, lots of people seem to be into multiplayer gaming and downsized, explorable worlds where you can play with a relative handful of other gamers seems to be the choice pick for developers."

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3-4-51891d ago

I hope this is still fun solo.

P0werVR1891d ago

I wonder why can't they just call it Multiplayer Online?!

MO FPS (Destiny)

MO third person shooter (The Division)

and whatever MO game that it comes out for.

I mean this is a somewhat new genre, and we shouldn't deviate too far from what this game is obviously...a multiplayer-online game. Simple.

Roccetarius1891d ago

A lot of MP games these days get the ''Massively'' word thrown around, even though they're just simple MP games.

What Bungie is doing seems more like a co-op game, instead of an MMO.

P0werVR1891d ago

Exactly an MO without the Massive. Simple.

So an MO FPS game

MidnytRain1891d ago

That term isn't useful because basically every FPS game has online multiplayer.

P0werVR1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )


Yes multiplayer, but not always online. Hence, "Multiplayer Online". That is what that term basically means. Take Massive out, and the term sticks very well.

The Division could be a MO Third Person Shooter. Or Fable Legends, MO RPG. Simple and concise.

spicelicka1890d ago

Does it really matter, no one can pinpoint exactly what it is because clearly everyone is arguing over it. It's their game, let them decide what they wanna call it, and you call it what you want.

I'm just gonna call it..awesome.

MidnytRain1889d ago

"but not always online"

But almost every time... A term that includes 99% of multiplayer FPSs isn't getting any traction.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1891d ago

I find it hard to get into mp nowadays. It' become so mundane.