How Windows XP contributes to global warming

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that no more than 10% of all PCs in use by organizations have power management enabled, and as a result are wasting large amounts of electricity and contributing to greenhouse gases. One major culprit may be Windows XP.

Unlike the Vista operating system, Windows XP does not give system administrators the ability to natively manage power settings on PCs over a network. That may be hindering adoption of the power management functions available in the operating system.

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Silellak3803d ago

And now, I proudy present my latest invention - the N4G flame war starter!

I thought the 360 was contributing to global warming, because...

(a) many overheating 360's getting the RRoD!

(b) has such a HOT video game line-up!

Please select the fanboy reply of your choice, and let the fun begin!

ZeroXMD3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

to the article because I want ppl to see this.


You wanna know the biggest contributer of "Global Warming"?
We probably, at MOST, contribute 20-30% to global warming but it is on record that the sun has been burning brighter and hotter than in recent history. The Polar cap on MARS has been receding and Europa (jupiter's frozen-earthlike moon) has been melting.

People, please don't buy into that whole Global Warming, Al Gore Bullcrap. It is a scam so that the upper .1% can push a Global Tax on the world. A tax the U.N. Reaps for it's own purpose. Why do you think that, instead of protesting the election that got STOLEN from him, Al Gore went and made a stupid movie? I still can't believe he got an F'n nobel prize for that.

This is a bs article that Microsoft prolly paid for to get ppl to buy vista. Cause we all know, Microsoft is LIKE THAT.

JsonHenry3803d ago

How the hell could anyone teach Global warming as a fact when we are still in an ice age?! (the polar caps still have ice, which means we ARE still in an ice age)

Also, since when does .7 degrees Fahrenheit **average** heat rise over the last 150 equate global warming? Oh yeah, because Al Gore says so. All the while selling "carbon credits" to people who feels guilty...

Maybe I need to cash in on this global warming bullshit.

SaiyanFury3802d ago

@ZeroXMD, Technically speaking Al Gore didn't receive a Nobel Prize, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his "contribution" to world peace. AND the award was given at a university in the province of Quebec in Canada. Certainly one of the most liberal places in North America I've ever seen. It doesn't surprise me that he'd receive such an honour for his "contribution" to world peace there.

kevin11223802d ago

zerox, just to tell you. global warming is real. its part of the earth's natural cycle and humans do not cause it.

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Ri0tSquad3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I'm using Windows XP...

Electronic Arts3803d ago

Doesn't surprise me that Microsoft is ruining the world

tplarkin73803d ago

More liberal baloney. I thought the earth had to get warmer in order to call it "global warming"?

Armyless3803d ago

Gobal temperatures are NEVER static. Fluctuations in climatology have ALWAYS been, and ALWAYS will be the norm.

The deep-seeded guilt that drives many people to PURCHASE Global Warming ideology, resides in their personal and social helplessness and insignificance.

We are an arrogant species. We are not as important as we think we are.

SaiyanFury3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

You know, I have never agreed with more gamers than I do here. Glo-bull warming is a concept conceived by politicians and is pushed by politician agenda. Al Gore is the ultimate incarnation of this movement. The Sun and other environmental factors have been changing the climate since the Earth was formed billions of years ago. If you globull warming activists want real evidence, look at physical numbers. CO2 as of atmospheric samples comprises 0.038% of our atmosphere. It is a TRACE gas. Not nearly enough to add to a greenhouse effect. Look at Mars. 95% of the atmosphere is CO2 yet it's not warming up at all. Venus is 95% CO2, but it's atmosphere is over 90 times thicker than Earth. There's a greenhouse effect for you. The environment on Earth puts out more CO2 than we do and numbers show this process over millions of years. For crying out loud, the years, say in the Carbonscious era about 300 million years ago, the planet was covered in huge green vegetation due to large amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. The Sun is the driving force in environmental change, as well as quirks in Earth's biosphere. Cutting CO2 emissions and buying carbon credits will not change the climate or change the global temperature. The climate is not static, it is highly dynamic and will
continue to change with no influence from us. Being green is not a bad thing. It's good to try and be more friendly towards the planet that supports us. But buying into a philosophy where humans alone are the culprits is wrong. Sheesh the whole agenda of globull warming is that CO2 is a polluting gas. Grade 6 science contradicts this alone. If CO2 is a polluting gas, then why are there plants on Earth? Plants use photosynthesis to process said CO2 and make oxygen. CO2 is NOT a polluting gas. And these overly liberal people would have you believe different. One more point: All of these people putting out these projections where huge increases in temperatures and climate changes occur over the course of 10, 25, 50 years. How can they be so accurate? I mean, for crying out loud, people can't even predict the weather 7 days in advance. How can 50 year predictions be even remotely accurate? A person with any sense of logic can see beyond the BS that these glo-bull warming activists put out.

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