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Hardwarezone: Beyond Two Souls Review

What lies beyond the afterlife? That is a question that has been asked by humans throughout the centuries. Well find out in this in-depth review of Beyond: Two Souls. (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3) 8.5/10

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dboyc310  +   778d ago
And it starts. Curious to see how the reviews will turn out for this game. I'm still getting it tomorrow to judge it on my own but I'm really worried on how the story will be told. The story it's trying to tell it's really complicated. If it doesn't execute it well then the game will suffer from it. Heavy Rain had its flaws but heck was the story a hell of a ride.
The_Con-Sept  +   778d ago
I might just have to cave in and buy the dahm game.... TLOU, GTA:V, B:TS.... I WANT MY PS4! GAH DEM EET!
BattleAxe  +   778d ago
Why? All of the games you just listed are on the PS3...
Tiqila  +   777d ago
I think he might wanted to wait for next gen games but the current ps3 lineup makes it hard not to buy more ps3 games.

I want to add GT 6 to that list, though I am not sure when its coming, still a must-have.
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N8  +   777d ago
The games just don't stop. I can't help myself
RustedMan  +   777d ago
The_Con-Sept  +   776d ago
Tiqila nailed it perfectly. See I bought all of those games above... But I am trying to save another 200 bux for the PS4... and yet Sony keeps making it harder and harder to hold out for the PS4...
MultiConsoleGamer  +   778d ago
I thought this game was really intriguing even when people criticized it after e3.

I hope it gets fair treatment from the rest of the press. It's something unique and for that reason alone it deserves attention.

I think we also need to prepare for a wave of idiots saying "movie game" even though none of them will actually try this title for themselves.
starchild  +   777d ago
This game looks great. I really enjoyed Heavy Rain and I think this one has the potential to be even better.
Sheikah  +   777d ago
OH! Has the embargo been lifted? Or is it just one of the "We want more hits, so we'll pretend we didn't get the memo" pages?
FunkMacNasty  +   777d ago
I agree.. I'm going to try it for myself and ignore review scores. After all, this type of game can bring low review scores from critics because they will say "the gameplay isn't fun", or something like that. But "fun" is highly subjective in terms of videogame tastes, right? I mean, a lot of people criticized Heavy Rain for being driven by QTE's and button prompts, but I thought that game was loads of fun and sank a ton of hours into it, trying to achieve each ending.
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vallencer  +   777d ago
I got to play it early and I can assure you the story is very well told. You'll enjoy the game.
Jazz4108  +   777d ago
Destructoid gave it 5 out of 10. I had this preordered but im going to cancel and put my money on a next gen game. This is my opinion.
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kratos_TheGoat  +   778d ago
Transporter47  +   778d ago
If the Walking Dead Game can get GOTY, why can't Beyond Two Souls?
because it's an exclusive?
da_2pacalypse  +   778d ago
Because... last of us, GTAV and Bioshock Infinite. But I'm sure this will compete.
admiralvic  +   778d ago
If you want the honest truth, The Walking Dead appeals to more people, so it isn't impossible to believe it got GOTY awards. Beyond: Two Souls looks to be a very deep and philosophical journey, which is going to result in mixed reactions. Some people simply aren't going to get it, the demo impressions have already proven that many people simply don't like this game and most of all, there are a lot of amazing games this year. It will probably get a few GOTY awards, but it will probably be on the same tiering as Rayman Legends, not Grand Theft Auto V.
Ezz2013  +   778d ago
TWD and journey were GOTY simplay because 2012 was lacking big time in term of games
if those games come out this year
they would not won any thing

Beyond win GOTY in a year that have 2 of the highest rated games in the past 3 years (The last of us and GTA 5) ?!
i think that near impossible
GOTY will be between The Last Of Us and GTA5
keep it real guys

but hey, it doesn't have to win GOTY
the game is great and you guys will enjoy it
more awesome exclusives to ps3 owners to play :)
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LightningSamus  +   777d ago

Uncharted 2 won game of the year in 2009 and that is an exclusive.
bujasem_89  +   778d ago
I'm playing it right now!! and the game is honestly miles in front of heavy rain.. and just overall spectacular, but I would definitely not say GOTY... not mine anyway. Last of Us grabs that.
DeletedAcc  +   778d ago
Ezz2013  +   778d ago
same here
MadMax  +   778d ago
Never understood the big fuss over TLOU. Got bored with it pretty quick. It seemed too slow and repetitve. Ive been playing Beyond all weekend and am enjoying it immensely! Much better of a game and far more entertaining i think.
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BitbyDeath  +   777d ago
@MadMax, I loved TLOU for the story.
Not sure if it is my GOTY, but either that, GTAV and hopefully Beyond.

So many awesome games.
PlayStation_4  +   778d ago
Wouldn't be surprised if this game ends up with lots of negative/mixed reviews, this game clearly isn't for everyone.
But I know that I'll love it nonetheless.
Ezz2013  +   778d ago
same here
and it's indeed an awesome game (i already own it)
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Hellsvacancy  +   777d ago
That's because it's from an awesome developer, I bought Fahrenheit kinda by accident, I didn't plan to buy it I just saw it on offer and thought what the hell

Turned out to be one the best games i'd ever played at the time, gameplay was totally different from what I was used to but the story was told really well

When I was a kid I used to read these fantasy books "Travelling through the darkened forest a stranger approaches you with a grim looking face"
-turn to page 113 to ask the man for directions
-turn to page 77 to kill and loot the man
-turn to page 200 to ignore the man

I LOVED those books, I like having choices
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camel_toad  +   778d ago
I might be wrong but I think heavy rain was received with mixed reviews too, just a matter of taste - but I loved it as I'm sure I'll love Beyond. I've loved everything quantic dream has done since Omikron.

Quantic Dream does such a great job of pulling you in to their worlds.
GinkgoID  +   778d ago
I kind of agree. Clearly it is a game that will polarize people. There will be a many who get it and love it, and others who wont and hate it. I fully expect that there will huge variation in the reviews. Far more than most games.

That's what happens when you do something different and pushing boundaries.
Bobby Kotex  +   778d ago
Heavy Rain got an 87 Metacritic so the gameplay didn't stop it from getting a good score. If the game gets a bad score it's probably not the gameplay.
imahustla19  +   778d ago
this game definitely isn't for everyone. iv got plenty of friends who would skip every cut scene because they ain't playing. PPL like that will hate this game. Me personally i cant wait to check it out.
showtimefolks  +   778d ago
give media some credit, majority liked heavy rain and i believe this game will also receive positive reviews. gaming media has matured enough to give game of the year to walking dead and journey while some gamers still say indie or small titles don't matter

i say overall B2S could get 83-85/100
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   778d ago
Tom Chick
Will All rip this game apart trust me.
Just wait for the 2/5, 6/10 scores.
I will be buying this game anyway day one.
Loved Heavy Rain (it wasn't perfect) but had a lot of fun with it and I liked atmosphere.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   778d ago
NarooN  +   778d ago
Press X to JASON
BitbyDeath  +   777d ago


Funny vid, check it out if you haven't already.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   777d ago
Haha I still liked it! :p
Lykon  +   777d ago
jayson jason jason JAYSON JAYSON .... oh fucking drown the kid already
hellzsupernova  +   778d ago
This isn't the kind of studio who makes games to review high. I played heavy rain 8 times and loved it every time. I will buy this regardless. Plus edge have been riding the sony wave since e3
buckley  +   777d ago
Well.. you were wrong. Tom gave it a 9, Polygon an 8.

That said, they seem to be in the minority this time
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   778d ago
This game could've gotten a 3/10 and that still won't stop me from buying this 2morro and enjoying it! Like Playstation_4 said this game won't appeal to everyone!
rowdyBOY  +   778d ago
played the demo , awesome demo
Heisenburger  +   778d ago
Lol that demo was incredible. And I am not exaggerating when I *say that.

I was literally awestruck.

I am definitely excited for tomorrow.
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karl  +   778d ago
i agree..

best looking ps3 game so far... almost next gen

quanticdream learn alot with heavy rain..

i think it really shows.. the gameplay style has really been improved a lot.
chaosatom  +   778d ago
Thank god!

I thought I was the only one. Played it two times:) one of the best demoes I have played.
badboy776  +   778d ago
Day one!
WeAreLegion  +   778d ago
I expect some pretty high reviews on this one, honestly. Somewhere around an 83-88 on Metacritic, as well. The 90's would be great though. :)
Dipso  +   778d ago
Prepare for disappointment, this is the first high scoring review so far, some people simply don't enjoy Cage's brand of gaming. There will be hugely polarising critique for this title..not that any of it will deter me from buying.
WeAreLegion  +   778d ago
Then I will prepare for disappointment, as far as reviews go. However, I expect the game to be incredible. Especially after playing the demo! It was so good!
Game0N  +   778d ago
What worries me the most about this game are the combat controls and the direction of the story. The new "revamped" combat system feels clumsy and causes unwarranted mistakes, mostly due to the ever changing camera angles when fighting. I was hoping for a chronologically told story of the 15 years of her life but we're gonna get sporadic time jumps and I just hope it feels cohesive enough.

I loved Heavy Rain, and I have this pre-ordered, but I may transfer those $5 on over to a Dark Souls 2 pre-order instead.
Bathyj  +   778d ago
I thought the demo felt incredibly intuitive. I barely had any trouble with the fighting, it just seemed natural going at the person who was attacking you.

I did have a couple problems jumping over and ducking under logs and KO'ing myself but man that whole demo was so exciting and were not even emotionally invested in the characters yet. Can wait to see how much the full game draws you in.
mike32UK  +   778d ago
The games that QD makes are pure Marmite, love or hate. Personally I extremely enjoyed Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain and judging from the demo Beyond is going to be my favourite QD game to date, probably in my top 5 this gen. I love the new controls, people seem to be confusing the word 'clunky' with 'challenging' in reference to the fighting mechanics. It just takes some practise, the first time I tried it I was horrendous!
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serratos27  +   778d ago
Love the enthusiasm in specific comments above. Optimism at it's best. I enjoyed playing the demo, no worries here. Come tomorrow I'll have my opinion on the game which ultimitaley is what matters most to a gamer. Enjoying what they play.
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isa_scout  +   778d ago
Excited for tomorrow. Interestingly in the review it mentions being able to replay the game co-op witha friend controlling Aiden...Sounds awesome!!!
ufo8mycat  +   778d ago
This game needs to be reviewed as what its trying to do.
Tell a story through a gaming medium.

Not a game where gameplay is the main focus and scoring it down for that.

Thats like reviewing the movie ALIEN and scoring it down because it didn't have enough comedy.

Absolutely cannot wait to experience this story when I get this game.
HurstDarkStar  +   778d ago
not that I wont be trying this out but when a reviewer dock down for gameplay in a "Video Game" I can actually agree with them. The hell are you trying to watch a cinema for if your playing a game? But even saying all that I would still try this out ^_^
Irishguy95  +   778d ago
Most games try to tell a story, some do it better than others. Quantic Dream's games should not be let away with having bad gameplay IF the gameplay is bad. Imo heavy Rain's gameplay was very good. Haven't played Beyond yet so I can't say. If the gameplay sucks it sucks, Cage may as well have made a movie if that is what he wanted. However I don't think that is nor will be the case with Beyond. Because Heavy Rain was very good all around story and gameplay wise.
HurstDarkStar  +   777d ago
To be honest I'm not the type that's looking for a story all the time in my games, I can't reply stories because they bore me a second time. It's has nothing to do with how good the story is, its just that if I seen it once I'll remember all the big surprise moments leaving me bored especially for a game not focus on gameplay. I mean why should any scream out their lungs about wanting to watch cinematic? i'm not in a theater, this doesn't excite me, I want to interact with the devolpers world not passively watch them.

It's funny I dont even have a problem with the premise it's just the fact that I can't really do much besides watch it.
KUV1977  +   778d ago
The problem is that if you want it to be judged as a story it should be rated even worse than as a game, because heavy rain had so many plot-holes and continuity-errors that every movie in that style would have been torn apart by reviewers. I haven't played Beyond beyond the demo yet, but the demo already showed that QD just doesn't care about basic principles of cinematic story-telling. Things happen because they are convenient, not because they make sense. That's really sad as Heavy Rain had lots of potential and so does Beyond, but I am trying not to expect to much from it, both in terms of gameplay and story-telling.
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Thomaticus  +   778d ago
Don't trust reviews....if you are interested then give the game a try. People miss out on a lot of great games due to review scores.
SaulGoodman  +   778d ago
I played the demo and it absolutely blew my mind. I said to myself, "why do we need next gen when this gen looks better."
dboyman  +   778d ago
They said the same about God of War 2 when was on the Ps2 when the Ps3 came out. But didn't take long before the PS# surpassed that. Give it time..
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   777d ago
Well if the game doesn,t score well im gonna call saul.
colonel179  +   778d ago
I liked the demo, but I think the entire demo (maybe the entire game) could have been played with conventional controls, instead of that "special" setup and QTE. For instance, in the motorcycle part, if you let go of the control, the motorcycle, while still went to the site and "crashed" it still corrected the course by itself, so there was no need at all to "play" it.

I know Quantic Dreams focus a lot in the storytelling, but I am sure they can make a normal game and still have this great. What is the problem of moving the character as it should be and have control of where to go and how to climb, etc. The Last of Us had a great story and still let you move the character as it should be.
bacrec1  +   778d ago
I look forward to experiencing this movie today.
ibrake4naps  +   778d ago
Can't wait to see singularity on ps4!
Underworld  +   778d ago
I loved Heavy Rain, and Beyond looks good to me. I think these games divide people so much. You are going to get a lot of people who hate it and a lot who love it. So I don't think the reviews matter much with these games. You should just try it yourself if interested.

Kinda annoying that you're gonna some reviewers who disliked Heavy Rain and that style of game, reviewing this one and giving it low scores.
Tiqila  +   777d ago
since when do reviews matter?

I couldnt care less (same with Heavy Rain, which also got some pretty bad reviews).
Spore_777  +   778d ago
Cage's games always appeal to me, so no doubt of picking this title up as soon as I can. I'm especially looking forward to the gameplay mechanics this time around
Tiqila  +   777d ago
"Beyond: Two Souls is an immersive, entertaining adventure from start to finish."

all I need to know
Hakoom  +   777d ago
more like a 9.5 for me :)
Fishermenofwar  +   777d ago

N2NOther  +   777d ago
I'm not one to complain about review scores but I read that review twice and couldn't find anything negative. Granted the reviewer didn't gush over the game but if yore giving a game an 8.5, shouldn't there be something in the review that explains why? I guess it reads like an 8.5. :/

I'm ok with this score. It's a treat score, but I just feel like scores should be supported fully by the text.
boodi  +   777d ago
playing it. for me is the best thing i got immerse in with ps3 , this year . last of us is not bad at all ( i liked it ) but graphically speaking this is superior and storytell / amaze feel is far better here . So i would tell this wins to me . But i see many will want to click and slash more and jump fast the story frames , as much as to dislike a title like this . Normal , everyone couple to his own game style and mood , but this do not set apart the fact that that's an enertaining masterpiece of a kind and second to none .
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GirlOnFire  +   777d ago
Game of the month to be fair. I'm ready for this so bad. I've been playing Heavy Rain all weekend leading to Beyond release. ^~^
GiantEnemyCrab  +   777d ago
I enjoyed Heavy Rain but it was hard to go back and play it more than twice. I had wrote this one off until I played the demo yesterday and now I plan on getting it at lunch. It immediately drew me in. I would recommend grabbing the demo from the store if you are unsure about the game.
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dalehitchy  +   777d ago
i was very excited for heavy rain.. but something about it didn't click with me and i thought the gameplay and story was incredibly boring.

that game got great reviews and i just dont know why. i stopped reading reviews ages ago because its obvious companies arnt going to trash a game as they wont get early access on future games. This is why i wait for user reviews as these are generally right.

saying that, heavy rain was loved by alot. but i didnt like it. i thought indigo prophecy / fahrenheit was a much better game. this one looks similar. ill pick this game up at one point

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