Naughty Dog “brainstorming” ideas on new IP, “exploring” on how to continue The Last of Us’ story

Naughty Dog “brainstorming” ideas on new IP, “exploring” on how to continue The Last of Us’ story

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-Foxtrot1692d ago

I highly doubt in the games created universe that Joel and Ellie will be able to live happily ever after in Tommy's town somewhere in Wyoming.

It could be heavily attacked and they are forced to seek out a new place to live or Ellie will find out Joel lied to her and decides to leave him promting him to go out and search for her

I still believe there is a few ways they could go about this.

Army_of_Darkness1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Maybe just use new protagonists showing how they were dealing with everything??
Final fantasy did it all the time back then and it worked well.

GarrusVakarian1692d ago

Yeah, i would much rather have new protagonists, as much as i love Joel and Ellies story, it would be nice to see that world from another group or another characters perspective.

Insomnia_841692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

The story of the boy and father that Ellie meets while looking for food and medicine for Joel. Imagine playing as the boy, then Ellie shows up and you replay that little bit and they give you a choice to play with the boy or father whoever it is that you're playing with at the moment AND giving you a choice to play with Ellie that bit, then watch Ellie leave to aid Joel and have those flash backs of what you know is going to happen later to them. THAT would be pretty effing cool!!

Reverent1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

This is the first video game to acknowledge my home state's (Yep, Wyoming) existence. Kind of refreshing. Whatever happens, I hope Ellie (assuming the two will remain the main protagonists in a possible sequel) will get more actual playable time. It was awesome as hell playing as her throughout the winter chapter.

If it were to take place with all new characters, I'm fine with that too. Nothing wrong with letting Joel and Ellie live happily ever after, especially after everything they went through.

bloodybutcher1692d ago

new characters would be better, maybe they can encaunter Joel and Ellie on their path and travel with them for a level or two.

kparks1692d ago

I want a prequel from the time the outbreak started would be cool!

Eonjay1691d ago

There is so much good content in this presentation. I have a much better understanding of the game. That is the real story here. There is so much thought that went into this. OMG... @40:00 is the answer. I am so impressed. Also, he created Ellie as a role model for female and was inspired to do so for his daughter.

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Austin481692d ago

I hope they continue the story and I hope they make 5 sequals that is as good as the first game naughty dog please make more they will be masterpieces

THC CELL1692d ago

A mmo of the last of us would be perfect

Reverent1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

An open world game based in that universe would be cool, but the isolation of playing by yourself is a huge factor for me. Multiplayer takes away from the experience as well as making it harder to connect with the game's characters.

hellzsupernova1692d ago

I was thinking open world would be cool

LOL_WUT1692d ago

A new ip coupled with new hardware (PS4) would be awesome. ;)

byeGollum1692d ago

the more new stuff the merrier. . .

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