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Naughty Dog “brainstorming” ideas on new IP, “exploring” on how to continue The Last of Us’ story

Naughty Dog “brainstorming” ideas on new IP, “exploring” on how to continue The Last of Us’ story (Naughty Dog, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

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-Foxtrot  +   698d ago
I highly doubt in the games created universe that Joel and Ellie will be able to live happily ever after in Tommy's town somewhere in Wyoming.

It could be heavily attacked and they are forced to seek out a new place to live or Ellie will find out Joel lied to her and decides to leave him promting him to go out and search for her

I still believe there is a few ways they could go about this.
Army_of_Darkness  +   698d ago
Maybe just use new protagonists showing how they were dealing with everything??
Final fantasy did it all the time back then and it worked well.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   698d ago
Yeah, i would much rather have new protagonists, as much as i love Joel and Ellies story, it would be nice to see that world from another group or another characters perspective.
Insomnia_84  +   698d ago
The story of the boy and father that Ellie meets while looking for food and medicine for Joel. Imagine playing as the boy, then Ellie shows up and you replay that little bit and they give you a choice to play with the boy or father whoever it is that you're playing with at the moment AND giving you a choice to play with Ellie that bit, then watch Ellie leave to aid Joel and have those flash backs of what you know is going to happen later to them. THAT would be pretty effing cool!!
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Reverent  +   698d ago
This is the first video game to acknowledge my home state's (Yep, Wyoming) existence. Kind of refreshing. Whatever happens, I hope Ellie (assuming the two will remain the main protagonists in a possible sequel) will get more actual playable time. It was awesome as hell playing as her throughout the winter chapter.

If it were to take place with all new characters, I'm fine with that too. Nothing wrong with letting Joel and Ellie live happily ever after, especially after everything they went through.
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bloodybutcher  +   698d ago
new characters would be better, maybe they can encaunter Joel and Ellie on their path and travel with them for a level or two.
kparks  +   697d ago
I want a prequel from the time the outbreak started would be cool!
Eonjay  +   697d ago
There is so much good content in this presentation. I have a much better understanding of the game. That is the real story here. There is so much thought that went into this. OMG... @40:00 is the answer. I am so impressed. Also, he created Ellie as a role model for female and was inspired to do so for his daughter.
Austin48  +   698d ago
I hope they continue the story and I hope they make 5 sequals that is as good as the first game naughty dog please make more they will be masterpieces
THC CELL  +   698d ago
A mmo of the last of us would be perfect
DeletedAcc  +   698d ago
Reverent  +   698d ago
An open world game based in that universe would be cool, but the isolation of playing by yourself is a huge factor for me. Multiplayer takes away from the experience as well as making it harder to connect with the game's characters.
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hellzsupernova  +   698d ago
I was thinking open world would be cool
LOL_WUT  +   698d ago
A new ip coupled with new hardware (PS4) would be awesome. ;)
byeGollum  +   698d ago
the more new stuff the merrier. . .
Hayabusa 117  +   698d ago
'Naughty Dog “brainstorming” ideas on new IP, “exploring” on how to continue The Last of Us’ story'

Remember Naughty Dog, you need to pad it out for at least 4-5 games :P
Hicken  +   697d ago

The hell does that even mean?
chrissx  +   698d ago
I want a TLOU sequel just as much as I want a new IP,call it greed :P ND I hope u make this happen
g-nome  +   698d ago
10 yrs later , Ellie becomes a fully grown , sexually frustrated zombie terminator.
bocajbee  +   698d ago

Sex has never been a central theme of Naughty Dog games, it's more nuanced and I'd like it to stay that way.

Plus I view her as a daughter figure, and that's fucked.
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darren_poolies  +   698d ago
I think he was joking...
bloodybutcher  +   698d ago
or she has to care for Joel because he suffered a major wound to the head and is uncapable of even going to the toile by himself. whole game would be about Ellie searching for adult diapers and chewing his food to spit it in his mouth.
HeyImBen11  +   698d ago
I hope they make a TLOU sequel, it was just one of the most perfect games for me with the perfect scenario ad atmosphere. I doubt that a new IP will be as good as TLOU.

I love TLOU too much to give it up.. :(.

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hellzsupernova  +   698d ago
Do you not feel that a sequel will not live up to your expectations?
jwe1004  +   698d ago
Its Naughty Dog, they always deliver the best. So nope, I am sure it will live up to them.
Chapter11  +   698d ago
No ND, there is no need for you to continue The Last of Us' story. It ended perfectly, and any kind of sequel would just be stupid. Work on a new idea, a new IP with just as good a story and world. Don't ruin it guys.
WitWolfy  +   698d ago
The games' name is "the last of us"... Not "the last of them".. There could be hundreds or thousands of other people living day to day we could play as with a equal or greater story to tell.

Remember this is ND we're talkign about here, they're geniuses when it comes to story telling!
jwe1004  +   698d ago
Why would it be stupid exactly? Naughty Dog have never ruined a IP before, they have only improved. They know what they are doing. If they choose to continue it, Im all for it.
BABY-JEDI  +   698d ago
TLOF 2. New characters, new hope, new setting...
Scientist? Priest? Doctor? Ect
jagstar44  +   698d ago
would be cool to play as an older ellie or something..
insomnium2  +   698d ago
Very interesting interview!
KYU2130  +   698d ago
New IP, TLoU 2, a next Uncharted??? Oh the choices... Its a new Generation, i'll take one of each; we have time.

Seriously though i can't see a second game for Joel and Ellie, the story ended to perfectly for me. Any expansion on those characters would ruin it. Maybe a story of Tommy and why he left the Fireflies that ends at the creation of the town. But then the ending is to forced.

two new characters different locations and keep the story in the first 20 years would be nice. this allows us to see the monsters as they evolved(the longer they were infected the uglier they got)

Uncharted, lets let that horse rest for a bit. That story had a good ending. They flew off into the sunset.

Pick it up at Sullies funeral, use flash-backs to show Sully revealing a secret on his hospital bed to Nate while he is on his next wild adventure.

thats all i can think of,
e-p-ayeaH  +   697d ago
A 40-ish year old Drake gunning down armies of dudes just to find another goddam hidden city in the midle of nowhere.

im sorry but personaly i think that Uncharted 3 wrapped up the series really nicelly i dont think that a fourth game would benefit the series very well.
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hellzsupernova  +   697d ago
Yeah I would hate another awesome Adventure with drake

Why is it all Sony exclusives get bashed after two or three games look at the competition they haven't had an original idea in years
KYU2130  +   695d ago
I never said he had to die of old age.. All I meant was start the game from that point. And whats wrong with an older hero anyway?

their are tons of ways to approach the story to make it worth-while.

But i do agree that UC3 wrapped everything up nicely. I was just saying if they did pick up the Nathan Drake story that would be a worthy point to start from as Drake and Sully have a strong history and back story as portrayed in the UC3
abusador  +   697d ago
I would love and action rpg from these ppl, just something totally different for them. I wouldnt doubt it would be a master piece.
e-p-ayeaH  +   697d ago
Last of Us 2 should be a prequel to the 1st game in my opinion during the 1st days of infection.

More infected running around the streets and bigger levels with better gameplay options for the player (drivable cars/bikes) the story would be about the fireflies and how it became 20 years later with some emotional story attached to it.

That way the original TLOU story wouldnt be affected.
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hellzsupernova  +   697d ago
Not bad wouldn't mind an open world to explore that would be awesome. Gets more deadly at night with infected and more dangerous with the army during the day
KYU2130  +   695d ago
The prequel could use tommy and Joel. Picking up a few weeks or months after Joel loses his daughter. It would be a good way to tell the story of how the 2 brothers went their separate ways and chose their current paths.

The question becomes what is the games goal and the players final objective. Maybe use the journey to a rumored safe haven.
D-riders  +   697d ago
prequel how did everything happen what is his past there is a lot they can do with that game
jakmckratos  +   697d ago
Just make Jak and Daxter plz
ion53  +   697d ago
Prequel with Tess and Joel!
sashimi  +   697d ago
need more naughty dog games pls!
xxxGEOxxx  +   696d ago
Just reading the title of the article made me smile

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