Grand Theft Auto Online Angry Impressions

Angry Joe Shares his first impressions with the highly anticipated GTA Online mode in GTA V

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xHeavYx1633d ago

I guess his expression summarizes pretty much 90% of people's experience

UltimateMaster1633d ago

You're sentence sums it up.
Why did they make a system where your character will look like your parents/grand-parents instead of just straight up make your own character is beyond me.

cyguration1633d ago

Cuts down on memory, dude.

If you go read any of the APB: Reloaded blog posts (they're awesome and very detailed to give you a lot of insight into developing an open world game as well as an MMO) they explain why it's so hard to optimize the game.

One of the main things that takes up a ton of memory is the character customization. The more detail and options a character creation system has the more memory it takes up, which is why APB:R is limited to only 100 people per instance, even on 64-bit PCs.

Rockstar obviously had to cut down on certain options to keep things running smoothly on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Broadening up customization runs the risks of the game crashing or having memory issues like APB:R.

blacktiger1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I love that background , fire explosion!

Avengingkinght921633d ago

Does joe ever change that shirt? or does he have a stack of the same clothes like the Simpsons lol