Rock Band Will Never Die

Not too long ago, Harmonix Uber Marketing Face John Drake was interviewed by gaming website Everybody Plays and reaffirmed Harmonix’s commitment to its first big franchise. In the interview, he was quoted as saying, “We never stop thinking about Rock Band, it’s our favourite franchise. We own the IP for Rock Band, so we’re hoping to start some ideas for that now. Obviously, with the console generation turn over, it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to make a ‘last gen’ Rock Band right now. [But] we have some ideas, we’re working some stuff around, so hopefully we’ll have something to say.”

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Hicken1667d ago

I enjoy the series. But they should rethink releasing the game every year.

lashes2ashes1667d ago

I think you have rock band confused with guitar hero lol.

ziggurcat1667d ago

I agree with you there.

RavageX1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Wrong game mate. Guitar hero is the game that pretty much brought about the death of casual music games by running the series into the ground.

When HMX left after GH2, the only worthwhile GH game in my opinion was Metallica, and they even failed with that by not supporting it with dlc properly.

memots1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@ RavageX

Warrior of rock ( Gh6 ) was awesome.

I wasnt sure about it and picked it up cheap. Turned out it was the best GH since Gh2.

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1667d ago
Starbucks_Fan1667d ago


Seriously though I still play this game sometimes. I don't play with friends anymore but jamming on just the guitar is good enough for me.