Wii U Just Doesn't Have The Third Party Support It Needs

The Wii U consistenly has had trouble finding a third-party market. After today's Nintendo Direct, it is clear the console is in for a rough holiday season.

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JuleyJules1754d ago

This is very true at the moment and there's no denying it. What this lineup should succeed in doing is getting more units sold as Christmas comes. When that happens hopefully the 3rd party games will continue and more will come. As Nintendo pushes more on Wii U rather than Wii it will help. Stopping production of Wii (in Japan at the moment) is a step in the right direction.

Eonjay1754d ago

Thats gonna be hard for Nintendo to do especially if Wii is a positive stream of cash and Wii U is produced at a loss as Nintendo indicated. The third party support issue is paramount. Wii U could have run GTA V easily and yet it didn't make the cut. Over 17 million units of GTA have been sold, that over 4 times the lifetime sales of Wii U. That was a missed opportunity on an unimaginable scale.

dragongod641754d ago

If you love nintendo games like I do let the wii u die.
Make nintendo make a system worth buying.
Power High CPU, Memory 500 Gig's, A gun that is a gun, not this bunch of parts that look like a gun. A top grade video card.
It would not be hard for nintendo to make a great system that every one wants, fourms youtube facebook, every one is yelling out ideas, so take them use them.

If you love nintendo stop buying the wii u make make a system worth buying or nintendo, stop making systems make games for PS4

Misaka_x_Touma1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

you love Nintendo but you say let the Wii U die so they can lose money what GENIUS!!!! -_-

BlackWolf1754d ago

If that's what you believe, you obviously don't love Nintendo for what they are. You just want them to fit your "needs".


tehpees31754d ago

Third party support will depend entirely on sales this Christmas. If Wii U owners want the support they need to buy Watch_Dogs and shows they really care.

JuleyJules1754d ago

Yes we need to buy the 3rd party games coming like Batman and AC4 among others. If they don't start to sell who knows what will happen. They need to market the unique aspects of them too and the games need to come with everything other versions have including multi-player especially as more units sell.

Axonometri1754d ago

3rd party!? Nintendo is struggling to get first party out...


Exactly...this all starts at the home. Nintendo needs to work inside out, put more 1st party games out to bring in all of the Nintendo fans, and third party support will come.

I don't understand why companies (not just gaming) don't understand this.

JuleyJules1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

At least this fall they are stepping it up to get their own games out. We've all complained about lack of 1st party so now we'll see if that was the issue after all. They need to do more marketing and push bundles to get new people on board. Zelda bundle has been a good start. Japan has some with Wii Party U and Wii Fit U - we'll see if these come to North America and Europe too. A Super Mario 3D World bundle that includes the Mario/Luigi controllers would be fantastic!

Axonometri1754d ago

I just watched today's Direct. I think I am going to postpone PS4 and get my kids and family a Wii U. There might not be a whole lot of games coming, but I like what is coming. I would get a PS4 if money was not so tight. I just feel for the family and for number of kid friendly games, Nintendo is hard to turn down.

I am going to have to support it. It's not like I won't end up with all new consoles anyway.

Errefus1754d ago

Nintendo needs to stop with their remakes and create new content for wii u....

Love remakes but first bring new games to show the console power etc.. then remakes.

tehpees31754d ago

The only remake is Wind Waker. Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros are all entirely new games.

Misaka_x_Touma1754d ago

and sony need stop with the HD collection.
Yeah that right a new god of war and jak & daxter for vita would had been great instead of porting hd collection

Errefus1754d ago


The remakes:

star fox
wind waker
wii sports

Beastforlifenoob1753d ago

Too many Mario games ('been milked since the 1990's) and to many zelda and to many Spin offs of these titles and crappy 2D shovelware.

Also you are going to be like "to many cods on ps360) but the truth is 100+ marios V.S. 11 Call of Dutys and a few battlefields.

Mario milk the cow harder than you ever have, milk it tell the dammed cow dies.

Do you get the following games on the wiiu

1.) GTA series?
2.) Any nauty dog game
3.) Killzones
4.) Halo
5.) Battlefield
6.) Borderlands
7.) Red dead
8.) The list continues.

Also dont say "we have to wonderful 6969, or pikman or mario 343647364734 or smash bros or someone kiddy junk" because there stupid, worthless games with crap stories, vomitable graphics and miserbaly disgusting gameplay features. and most of them are milked to hell. sequels

When was tje last time you heard someone say I want PS4 plenty. What about WII U? Never

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obelix011754d ago

They should have embraced HD graphics after the Game cube just like Microsoft & Sony did. Instead of calling it the Wii U, why not the Wii 2? Its very confusing to the average person. Having a more traditional console this time around would have been better instead of having a tablet as a controller. Sure you can buy a more traditional controller but not every game will support it. Nintendo makes some of the most entertaining games around but the hardware has seemed to loose its appeal over the years because Nintendo is trying to hard to be different.

admiralvic1754d ago

I think they wanted to avoid people calling it a "Wii Wii", since that was a running joke prior to its release.

"Having a more traditional console this time around would have been better instead of having a tablet as a controller."

Seeing all the praise for the Vita / PS4 remote play stuff, I think Nintendo was on the right track, but it didn't stick to landing. One of the most common replies in reference to the remote play stuff, was a gamer with his wife who wanted to watch some show that prevented them from gaming. In this situation the Wii U would have worked, since you would logically be close enough to the TV, though it just never really caught on. Shame too, since Nintendo was smart enough to make the gamepad double as a remote.

"Sure you can buy a more traditional controller but not every game will support it."

This is the same problem you see with the circle pad add on. Developers don't want to invest in something a small percent of the market has and the market doesn't want to invest in something a small percent of games support. However, a lot of Wii U games at the moment support more traditional controllers.

Rayman Legends (though you need the tablet for Murphy stages), Ninja Gaiden 3, Tekken Tag, Monster Hunter 3, Mario, Luigi, Wonderful 101 are all titles I can confirm work with the controller.

"Nintendo makes some of the most entertaining games around but the hardware has seemed to loose its appeal over the years because Nintendo is trying to hard to be different."

Well this is another catch 22 that you see... people want innovation, which Nintendo tries, but it doesn't always work. Like Mario U added the ability to work with a friend to create paths, prevent problems and so forth. Rayman Legends also did a good job implementing some of the Wii U features, though people quickly forget that all innovation isn't good. I think the Wii U is at least a step closer to "normal", which is a good thing.

admiralvic1754d ago

This is really a chicken and egg sort of problem.

Third party developers want more sales, but the Wii U launched with ports of older games that could be had for less and others seem content on making their games fail...

Injustice? Didn't launch with the DLC and it pretty much sat in limbo for ages. I don't believe any of the DLC actually came till the fourth character released, which is somewhat shameful.
Rayman Legends? This game could have launched at a fantastic time and been an amazing timed exclusive. Ubisoft decided to instead make it multi platform, make every version in some way incomplete, gave the unique Wii U stuff to the Vita (also the cheapest and probably best version when we get the invasion levels) and gave it an awful new release date. I mean, Rayman is fun, but The Wonderful 101 / GTA V / Killzone Mercs / Wind Waker HD all released shortly after.
Batman Origins? No online. Might not be the most praised or wanted feature, but I won't sway anyone to give the Wii U version support.
Scribblenauts Unmasked? My friend said the bottom screen isn't like the old 3DS games where you can type in words... it's actually just another version of the screen.

Sadly I see developers continuing to blame lack of sales and consumers to blame quick ports and lack of content. It's a shame too, since the Wii U is a fun system that could be more successful if people were willing to think outside the box with the touchpad.

Dunban671754d ago

I don t think we (Wii U owners) can complain about lack of online or online multiplayer for 3rd party games as virtually none of Nintendo s games have it-

Nintendo could offer online, I just don t think they want to pay for it- so why should 3rd party dev s be willing to take risk that Nintendo is unwilling to take? They should know afterall-

Seriously- Nintendo has not shown much confidence in the Wii U since day 1- we can t expect others to show confidence in it if Nintendo doesn t- Ubisoft has shown more confidence in the Wii U than Nintendo has to date and it has cost them a fortune and we are probably going to lose much if not all of their 3rd party support baring some serious Ubi game sales on the Wii U thru the rest of 2013- Surely they will pick up going forward thru year end- but it needs to pick up a ton and it may not be enough

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