Worst graphics in a PS3 game yet? Enemy Territory Hands On

PSU Writes:

"Looking for another title to add to the "PS3 version gets gimped" list? One of the first things we noticed going from playing the Xbox 360 version to the near complete PS3 version was the graphical quality. The draw distances are impressive and the vehicle cockpit modeling in the PS3 version is great. However while the Xbox 360 version sports smooth character models and high quality textures on environments and vehicles, its PS3 counterpart was decidedly lacking in this area, consisting of low-res textures, jaggies, texture popping, frame-rate issues, clipping and one of the worst sniper rifle bugs ever.

Below is an image of what happens when players use the Covert Ops class equipped with the sniper rifle. When using the zoom, it seems as though the game forgets to remap the higher resolution textures on the enemies and objects. After the event, we were told that Underground Studios is still tweaking the sniper rifle, but there probably won't be much of an improvement."

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CaliGamer3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Let the trolling begin, too bad this game is too late for anyone to care if it's good or not. Hope the person who decided to release this game now gets a tongue lashing because their timing couldn't be worst.

Worker: "Yea, lets release the game while people are still playing GTA4 and waiting for MGS4, and also, let's do a half a$$ed job on the PS3 version. That should sell copies."

Publisher: "Brilliant!!"

LOL, so lame.

Edit:@Alexis.... I really don't know if your comment was directed at me but if it was I would invite you to read my post again as I never said anything about a port or even brought up that discussion.

But if indeed this is not a port as you say then it goes to show that the developers of this game really drop the ball releasing this game around the same time as GTA4, another multiplat. Fact of the matter is that there is no reason this game shouldn't be just as good or better than its 360 counterpart as it has already been proven it can be done.

Either way as I said, this game is too little too late in my opinion, just funny that all this time and they still had problems. Makes the game that much more irrelevant IMO.

Alexis Machine3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )


What i find strange is that this game isn't really a port. Didn't someone somewhere say that there are two separate developers working for each of the two versions? Which would mean that the end result of the PS3 version, 'gimped' or not, was built from the ground up on PS hardware and not the result of shoddy porting.

wouldn't it???

Insert => nope, not directed at you, just to lazy to start my own comment.

And it's mr Machine to you buddy boy.


Bathyj3895d ago

Stop trolling Alexis. Just because it was made from the ground up doesn't mean it will be good.

It really depends on the dev doesn't it?

Is it their first game on PS3? Did they bother learning the ropes or doing their homework in the early days like Insomniac and Naughty Dog? Or did they just say lets make a mediocre shooter, how hard can it be?

PS3 isn't some magic box for instant results. It requires someone who knows what they're doing and puts the effort in.

God I'd have thought this was pretty obvious by now, why am I having to explain this.

SL1M DADDY3895d ago

It is a port and to say otherwise is just stupid. We're talking about a game that is crap anyway and taking a look at COD4 (a game built from the ground up on PS hardware) developers like this have only one person or group to blame and that is themselves when they dare to release crap like this. To be honest, they could have just canned the PS3 version and saved themselves some face in the end. Now we all can add yet another lazy and pathetic dev to the list of others not willing to learn new hardware and rise to the ranks of Insomniac, Infinity Ward, Naughty Dog, Polyphony, Ninja Theory, Team Ninja, Criterion, Media Molcule, and many more.

Alexis Machine3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Yes you're right. It is shoddy development, i fully agree

No, you're wrong, it isn't a port. Underground Development is working on the PS3 version and Nerve Software is working on The Xbox version

Dont believe me?
Check it out :

Edit : and to bathyj who feels the need to explain it all. One question: Who asked you in the first place?

TrenchaunT3895d ago

This game is definitely too late. I was looking forward to it LAST summer (since I had played the original Enemy Territory and I love the Doom3 engine). Now I've already pre-ordered GTA IV, I'm waiting on UT3, and I've gotta save money for Gears2 and Fallout3. I don't see much of a way to fit ET:QW in there.

TresTrendu3895d ago

ID software didnt port this over i dont think. Cause john carmack said he wouldnt work on the ps3 until they released some good tools to work with. So i beleive they let some other dev port the game over.

Bathyj3895d ago

Alexis Machine

I just couldn't stand by while you were going through life thinking you were right, and worse, misinforming others.

HadeShade3895d ago

Someone explain to me how this is not a port? It was NOT built from the ground up. It was ported from the PC.

godofthunder103895d ago

what is the big deal,it's not like every game is like this.i have a 360 and i never had a problem with it and i love it but some times the same game looks better on the ps3 and some times the same game looks better on the 360 and it's a fact.i don't care if a game i like has graphics that looks a little better on the ps3 because it's not a big deal because it want hurt the game play and the graphics on the 360 would still be close to the graphics on the ps3.
i still can't understand why do some people fight like a bunch of kids when a game looks better on 1 console then the other,like they are right now because graphics doesn't make a good game. to me graphics isn't a big deal ,it's the last thing i look for in a game because with out a good story line and game play the game would sux even if the graphics was 10 times better then they are now,i'll pick a game with graphics like the super nintendo if it had a good story line and game play before i'll pick a game that has graphics that look like real life with no good story line and game play.people need to understand that graphics isn't what makes a good game and start getting along instead of acting childish and fighting over what system has better graphics..
both systems been out a while and people should have stoped all this fighting awhile back.the truth is that the 360 and ps3 are both good systems.developers already said that the 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and the ps3 does somethings better then the 360 and some fanboys still want admit it and act like they know more then developers do.
people need to stop and think.both systems been out about 2 years and so far they are about equal in power and the games are about equal in graphics,so what if the graphics on this game looks a little better on the 360 then the ps3 like this article claims,it still want hurt the people with the ps3 they will still be able to enjoy the game and they shouldn't even care about it because some games looks better on the ps3 then the 360 so it breaks out even.

SL1M DADDY3895d ago

What are you smoking? Can you pass it along so I too can live in the dream?

Good god man figure it out. It is a port from the PC version to the PS3 and 360. The 360 hardware is more like the PC so put one and one together and you get two, or at least in my world you do...

Not a port... You're dreaming.

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NoUseMerc3895d ago

Here is another image I forgot to add that shows how bad the sniper scope looks:

Fishy Fingers3895d ago

Damn Merc, thats f-ugly.

I had it running max on my PC and frankly it looked pretty poor on that but no where near this bad. Is there any AA being used at all?

sonarus3895d ago

It comes out with may right along side haze so i don't think anyone was really considering this

Ri0tSquad3895d ago

It makes Enemy Territory look like Uncharted.

NoUseMerc3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I have played NFL Tour...and that was pretty bad, however I would have to put them side by side before making a choice. lol.

solar3895d ago

yikes. thats horrible! releasing Quake looking like that would be a disgrace to its name.

picker3323895d ago

Uhh that sniper scope look's like from a psp or something.

& this game is old as hell on pc.

This game is not gonna sell good!!!

Skerj3895d ago

Dude, don't dog the PSP like that. That looks like it's from the PS1 era, that's a megatexture!?