Elder Scrolls Online: See Cyrodiil, The User Interface, And The Maps

Check out these albums of Elder Scrolls Online images, including a preview of the entire user interface, screenshots of Cyrodiil, maps for the Daggerfall, Aldmeri Dominion, and Ebonheart territories.

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aviator1891636d ago

I was so excited for this game....and then came the subscription fees..

I just can't be excited for anything they show now, but the game still looks great.

plsburydoughboy1636d ago

At least PC is still an option. Heck, Mac is.

Raf1k11636d ago

It'll most likely end up free to play within a year after launch. The game doesn't look like it deserves a subscription fee. I hope I'm wrong but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

cleft51636d ago

That's what I have been thinking every time I see this game.

BallsEye1636d ago

If it would be b2p like gw2, even at higher price, I'd get 2 copies for me and my wife day one. I'm a huge elder scrolls fan and was playing it since the first one but I have to say NO to ESO. Monhtly fees are bad. Make the game worthy, after release work on a big expansion pack that will be paid (new dungeons or whatever) and it will be all cool. Small not game-breaking microtransactions like in gw2 aren't bad as well.

Kuse1636d ago

Fully agreed, such a shame...why couldn't they go the GW2 route?

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KrisButtar1636d ago

I read somewhere that this game wasn't open world but areas are zoned. I'm not really sure what was meant by that either

I plan on playing the Beta 1st and if I feel the sub is worth it I will pay otherwise I won't get pass the beta