Is this the most unobtainable item in gaming history?

VGS: 'Animal Crossing. A relaxing game you can casually play and enjoy. There are no levels to beat, no enemies to defeat. So the game can’t really be difficult, right? Well, that depends on you definition of difficult. It is a fact that, if you play the game in a legit way, there are several items that are so impossible to obtain it almost seems like the developers didn’t want anyone to have them. One of them takes the cake, though.'

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LostDjinn1515d ago

I'm only commenting to say great pic.

-Mika-1515d ago

It not a great pic... It pretty racist actually.

Irishguy951515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

It's mild racism at the worst. Not going to harm anyone. Like joking about the size of the black mans 3rd leg

+ Yes it is great.

Nyxus1515d ago

If it is considered racist I apologize. That wasn't my intention at all.

ziggurcat1515d ago

it's not racist. go away.

wenaldy1515d ago

umm what? The racist is the one who called it racist.

SonyKong641515d ago

trolling is the new racism.

making mika the biggest racist on n4g..

pacosanchez881515d ago

how does mika have 3 bubbles?

guitarded771515d ago

@ Nyxus

It's not... don't worry about it, and certainly don't placate to the PC police. The humor does not distinguish Asians as inferior or superior, so there is nothing to suggest that this is racist. It's funny, and we should all be able to laugh at the things that make us different from other races, but often stereotypical to our own race. -Mika- has a history of not knowing what he is talking about, and this is one of those times.

Narutone661514d ago

I still remember an annoying troll here in N4G have that picture as his avatar. He's always in the open zone because of his terrible trolling.

TheDevKit1514d ago

Who cares? Contextually it's not hurting anyone.

dredgewalker1513d ago

I'm asian and I don't find the pic racist. I actually find it funny. I have a japanese friend and we have a good laugh making fun of stereotypes with our own nationalities.

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Irishguy951515d ago

Hmm....I came for the pic too.

Never knew Animal farm was so hardcore haha, 31 years legitimately to get it...

Nyxus1515d ago

To be fair there are faster ways, hypothetically. If you were to make 150.000 bells a day, it would take about 18 years. But that would cost a lot more effort a day, and that is if you manage to make that many bells a day (which isn't too likely).

thejoker10001515d ago

can someone Summarize the articale for me toooooo lazy to read a wall of words

Nyxus1515d ago

An item in Animal Crossing: Wild World that is practically impossible to obtain without cheating, unless you're willing to spend 18 - 31 years on it.

Narutone661514d ago

Oh, it's like leveling all 5 available characters in Diablo 3 to Paragon level 100.

admiralvic1515d ago

Pretty much what Nyxus said, though the author said there is no proof it even exists in the first place.

Luke_fon_Fabre1515d ago

I played so much New Leaf in the first couple months of it being out that I've burnt out on it and haven't played it in a month. Wild World kept my attention a little longer probably because of the novelty of playing animal crossing on the go.

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