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Submitted by Ksar 798d ago | news

Deep Down Hands on Preview : Clunky and Gray

For a game that highlights its procedurally-generated dungeons, it sure is lacking in variety. (Deep Down, Next-Gen, PS4)

whoyouwit04  +   799d ago
this game sounds about like I expected to be, and that is the PS4 version of Ryse. A beautiful game withe average gameplay.
dc1  +   798d ago
It's obvious that you did not see the quality TGS live demo feed. Have fun with that comparison.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   798d ago
I was watching the second TGS Showfloor now, and I just heard that the game IS

(And you don't even need PS PLUS to play it).
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GribbleGrunger  +   798d ago
Just announced: Deep Down is a FTP game.

edit: beaten lol
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Irishguy95  +   798d ago
"For a game that highlights its procedurally-generated dungeons, it sure is lacking in variety"

This has been bothering me for a while, since Deep down was revealed to have this 'feature'...on this site in particular is has now become a good thing? Everyone seems to forget how bad the system is.

Elder scrolls 4. Remember the Dungeons/caves in Oblivion? Do you guys know why they sucked and were repetitive? They were procedurally generated.

Hand crafted worlds are always vastly superior to procedural generated ones. It's weird to me how everyone has forgotten this after it was one of them main highlights of Skyrim over Oblivion by that **** todd howard.

Procedural generation skimps out on this special thing in video games. It's is great for many genres, Rpgs, Shooters, Uncharted is praised for's called Level design.

So I ask, why is it suddenly a good thing? PLease b e honest, Deep down's gameplay mechanics look great to me, however as soon as I heard that the game was basically going to be Proc generated it ruined my interest. I've been through it before, it's a cop out for developers, they don't have to actually spend time to design a level. They get a game engine to do it for them, the engines simply don't get what makes a good level though. You need an actual level designer to do it.

I mean, am I right in saying Deep down is going to be entirely PCG'd? Or how does it work? Serious, what i've noticed about PCG is that instead of increasing variety, it often works against itself and creates nothing but boredom. Oblivion was destroyed for it's use of this system anyway. From world generation, to loot generation, to level just doesn't work well for variety, what it does do is give ALOT of random 'meh' content.

See instead of hand crafted, givingn an engine a list of parameters and letting it do it's work, you will find yourself repeating dungeons...with nothing but a different layout. I just have to know how much loot scaling, level scaling, and PCG'd content there is going to be in Deep down. I hope it is insignificant.
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HammadTheBeast  +   798d ago
Depends on the size. If they're making massive dungeon rooms, corridors, etc and linking them together in a procedurally generated state, it should be fine, especially with the F2P model which would allow for consistent updates.

Anything else, and idk.

This isn't really my sort of game, I don't really like dungeon games, I hate being cramped underground one of the main things I liked that Skyrim changed from Oblivion.
lifeisgamesok  +   799d ago
This game looks good. I think the close dungeon type areas allow for greater graphics since there isn't much to render

The gameplay should be improved too. Should be a good game overall

It's interesting that this game has a survival horror vibe to it on some of those dark parts of the demo
Marius_Titus  +   798d ago
What happened to the graphics?
arbitor365  +   798d ago

download the full 60 fps video. it destroys anything on xbox one
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falviousuk  +   798d ago
no, it really doesnt. or in other words

sony fanboyism lets compare a very narrow dungeon game with a small colour pallette to an open world zombie game with a lot of characters on screen, or to a roman themed combat game with a much larger playing field.

Only a sony fanboy sees things this way, shame they cant just be gamers
pandehz  +   798d ago
Im not a console gamer and my eyes have been on the receiving end of some HIGH END graphics on PC and I can say that looked very very average.
scott182  +   798d ago
How dare you have an opinion opposing xbox fanboys arbitor365.
No_Limit  +   798d ago
I'll take an opened-world filed with tons of enemies at 30fps over a closed-quarter dungeon crawler @60fps any day. The design choices let to it being 60fps, there is nothing more to it.

LOL, just noticed this was submitted by Ksar and he uses the worst possible screenshot you can find for Deep Down to post. Even though he is an Xbox supporter, I really can't tolerate it just as much as I can't tolerate MariaHellFutura and her Don Mattrick screenshot posts of any negative MS news.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   798d ago

Then why not compare Infamous to DR3 (I know ISS is 'launch window')?

DD looks pretty friggin good to me. Like, ridiculously good. Beautiful and smooth.
HammadTheBeast  +   798d ago
Apparently it has a dull pallete. Just like your game Marius.
GiggMan  +   798d ago
You can't see? Or is the resolution too high for you and the FPS to much?
arbitor365  +   798d ago
oh wow. a 10 minute demo (really. that is how long he played it) is lacking in variety? thats just crazy
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edgeofsins  +   798d ago
These people just aren't used to dungeon crawlers or something. You don't just find variety, you scope for it whether it is tedious or not. Dark Souls, while harder then most games, is a great mix for a dungeon crawler, you do get great items often if you know where to look, but it is equaled out in the gameplay and what you have to go through to build for those belongings.

I think DD looks like a good mix of Monster Hunter and Dark souls, which is fantastic, especially for a free to play.
X1PS4WiiU  +   798d ago
Honestly, from what i saw, the gameplay is really bland.

This seems more like a tech demo, than a game.
Kayant  +   798d ago
Well it's more of a showcase IMO for now because there is no release date/window atm but I do agree from what we have seen there needs to be more variety in enemies/environments and the camera is too damn close.
ZHZ90  +   798d ago
After seeing the one who submitted this is Ksar... well I just don't know what to say other than just ofcourse he wants to downgrade any thing that is releated to PS4.

EDIT: If Deep Down was a multiplat I bet that you guys wouldn't dare to downgrade it but it's PS excluisve so yeah lets downgrade it ofcourse.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   798d ago
Lol of course Ksar would submit this.

Looked fine to me, kind of like Demon's Souls. But... If you only played for 10 minutes, whaddya expect?


Seriously. I can't fathom this. He plays for 10 minutes, says he sucks at Dark Souls (which this game kind of resembles as well), so he's going to be even WORSE - and expects the world. It's a demo... You know... For demo purposes. Of course it's going to have some static things. Good grief.
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Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   798d ago
This game looks promising, but seems to be rather early in the development process, cannot wait to see more of it.
arbitor365  +   798d ago
the dungeon is dreary and drab? well you know, when im playing a gritty fantasy game, I want my dungeons to be lively and carry an extensive pallet of bright and warm colors.

seriously, are we going to get the whole "greyzone" BS from last gen again?
twdll  +   798d ago
I stopped reading at "I sucked at God of War"!
Inception  +   798d ago
He also said he suck at Dark Souls, DMC, and tons of action-RPG games. Obviously Deep Down isn't for these escapist guy.
AceBlazer13  +   798d ago
one does not simply suck at god of war.
WhiskyWhiskers  +   798d ago
You played a 10 minute demo... Seriously? The game isn't even close to finished yet either so I doubt you are going to see much variety in the dungeons themselves for now anyway.

What they showed at TGS during the co-op play was insanely awesome. For what has even been shown so early on in its development I personally find it extremely impressive.

The combat was really crazy also, seems like the people saying it sucks didn't watch the full TGS showings. The combat is clearly very deep in this game with a varied set of skills and different ways to build your characters, also different items to help make more strategic attacks. What was mainly shown was only one weapon also, there were clearly other weapons.

I really wasn't amazed by its earlier showings and thought it seemed stiff also lacking any good combat but once they had people who knew how to actually play the game at TGS, it had me sold, I was awe struck. I saw that Dragon co-op fight, the epic skills, the fire, the time freezing, the tornado catching the dragons fire, the tactics like using the time freeze to set up multiple throws.. Freaking amazing. I have never seen graphical effects used like this in my life not even on PC. The detail in the dragons was also really amazing.

The only thing comparable I guess to the time freezing would be Quantam Break but it was just in game footage not actual game play still have yet to see how that game plays. Never seen fire effects this good before like in Deep Down though truly impressive.

This game just has that old school epic dungeon feel to it. I absolutely love it, it reminds me of old RPG's that really sucked you into the experience. Oh yea and the music is bad ass also.
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denawayne  +   798d ago
This game looks like crap. Period. Yes, Killzone looks good. Infamous, too. Not this game, though.
Inception  +   798d ago
"Full disclosure: I suck at Dark Souls. I actually suck at a lot of console action-RPGs like it too, such as God of War and Devil May Cry"

"That said, even playing in casual mode, the combat felt incredibly clunky"

Wow, very trustworthy preview /s -_-
DivineAssault  +   798d ago
This game is still in very early production stages.. Im sure after its polished up & ready for release that it will be amazing!
XtraTrstrL  +   798d ago
This touches on some of the issues I've mentioned having with this game already from looking at other previews.
isarai  +   798d ago
I remember people saying the same thing about Demon's Souls when it first came out. Also this doesn't make his validity any better
"I suck at Dark Souls. I actually suck at a lot of console action-RPGs like it too, such as God of War and Devil May Cry"
lodossrage  +   798d ago
crap, you beat me to it. I was thinking the EXACT same thing of when ppl said the same of demon souls. Makes my comment below redundant lol
lodossrage  +   798d ago
I wouldn't go knocking this game just yet
I remember in previews Demon Souls was criticized the exact same way. Yet when the game came out it became a cult hit.

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