NBA 2K14 - Developer Diary Focuses On The Game's Gameplay Mechanics

DSOGaming writes: "2K Sports has released a new developer diary for NBA 2K14 that focuses on the game's gameplay mechanics. According to the team, NBA 2K14 has seen a major upgrade in gameplay."

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Bigpappy1792d ago

I am very defensive minded, so this is very good news to me.

iceman061791d ago

Same here. I like to play offense. But, I really concentrate on the defensive end. The best part about this game is that you can actually use strategy to do this...and it actually works. When it doesn't, it's usually because the AI does something to beat it...which means more strategy to beat it.


all this is cool but where's the next gen gameplay?

JRH77831792d ago

Same thing I was thinking... Already have my copy paid off for the PS4 at Gamestop. I still want to see some Next-gen gameplay since we haven't seen anything since the LeBron vs LeBron trailer.