ESRB: Downloadable Content Must Maintain Original Rating, Can't Go 'Out Of Bounds'

MTV Multiplayer Blog writes: "It's only been this generation that downloadable content has become a viable opportunity on consoles, and the Entertainment Software Ratings Board finds itself in a position to regulate this uncharted territory of content.

"The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" expansion packs and the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto IV" upcoming add-ons represent the industry's most expansive departures from a game's original content. The catch: that content must remain consistent with the original rating branded by the ESRB.

New content cannot introduce elements that would alter the original rating, or the overall rating must change. ESRB president Patricia Vance explained what this meant for content makers at a MI6 Conference panel on marketing and user generated content last week."

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mindedone3690d ago

So why can they not rate the DLC separately?

JoelR3690d ago

because the ESRB don't understand that -add ons- are just that.. add ons and not the game itself.
well they might understand but if they don't do this it becomes much harder to police for them.

It's basically a restatement of what happened with "hot coffee" and the oblivion nude mod... they both caused the ESRB to re-evaluate the games.

Honestly if it is not part of the game that is at a retail store then why they hell are they even involved with it. DLC is direct to consumer.