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RexFury1768d ago

I have been waiting for this game for soooo long. I personally didn't like Investigations but am a huge fan of Phoenix Wright. Now we just need a release date for Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright :D

linkenski1768d ago

Unfortunately the writing staff and in general the team who made Investigations are the ones behind this game as well, unlike Shu Takumi who was the series original creator who left Ace Attorney after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

Don't fret. This will be better than Investigations, garuanteed, but you're bound to feel a little deja vu when you play it. (I know because it's been out since july in Japan)

RexFury1768d ago

Yeah. The only thing I didn't like about Investigations was the way it played.

I thought Shu Takumi didn't work on this game because he wanted to put all of his efforts into Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright? Well, at least that's what I remember reading anyway.

linkenski1768d ago

Yeah, that is the official statement, but I think Shu consider himself to have moved on from making Ace Attorney now. Whatever his next project is, I wouldn't count on it being an Ace Attorney game but it would be great to see him return at some point however.

But if you didn't have issues with the story in Investigations you're gonna like DD a lot since it has the POV and courtroom segments, all that stuff.

RexFury1768d ago

If that is the case, I really hope his next project is also on the 3DS. Ghost Trick was amazing as well! Unfortunately this is my last reply due to the limitations :/

wingman32x1767d ago

I'm ready. Can't wait to see the series really come to life on the 3DS. I recently played through Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and the leap in production value was so dramatic that it felt like a completely different experience. I want to have that feeling with Dual Destinies.