MMO Grinding Is Inevitable – But What Do You Prefer?

Blaine Smith of XMMORPG writes:

Gamers are long passed complaining about the grinding nature of today’s MMO games and rather than removing it completely, developers are exploring new avenues to create a bit more variation in the grinding of MMO games. Grinding is basically the action of completing a repetitive task to further oneself in the progression of a particular MMO games. It’s usually considered to be a negative aspect of a game as outside of downing endless Jägerbomb’s, there’s very few things people enjoy doing over and over again.

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ATi_Elite1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I do not play MMO's where I just GRIND! It's boring and annoying.

Guild Wars 2 does not seem like a Grind to me cause I'm always exploring New areas and moving forward with the story.

Tera Rising was starting to feel like a Grind with all the back tracking but it's still OK for now. New content always fixes Tera Rising right before it feels Grindy.

Nothing worse than running around in circles killing the same creatures just to level up so you can progress forward. That's NOT for me!

MRMagoo1231797d ago

I find the grinding in Tera to be okay , a lot more fun than wow , the only problem i have is the crazy amount of XP needed for each lvl and the amount of XP you get from the quests, even with the 100% xp bonus i get from my elite account the XP from quests seems too low.

WOW on the other hand i got one toon to 90 within 2 days of mops launch and never wanted to lvl again, it felt like self punishment and i was losing the will to live.

GW2 i agree doesnt seem like a grind because there are so many ways to actually gain xp that you just dont notice, but i dont really like the game much overall and dont play it anymore.

Then Rift i got to max lvl and played for a lil bit got bored and have gone back only once when they did the free weekend thing a while back, the grind sucked on that game at launch because there wasnt enough quests to lvl so you had to keep killing mobs over and over and doing rifts over and over just to get a lvl.

ATi_Elite1797d ago

New content is a MUST in MMO's!

can't believe you don't like GW2. I love that game.

maybe because I do not like traditional MMORPG's like Wow and Rift.

Hey have you played "The secret world" and if so PM me and let me know what you think of it.

thehitman1797d ago

I grew up playing the grindiest mmos ever. Korean MMOs that you have to kill probably 50k of 1 monster to level up. Todays MMOs are not even close to being grindy and if people complain they are just going to always complain about something. I think grinding in MMOs is necessary. It prolongs the game and separates the entitled want everything given to them from the people who are dedicated and enjoy the game. Developers want you to play MMOs forever or as long as possible and the only way for that to happen is if you dont burn through all the content in 1-2 weeks like you can do w/ most new MMOs today. W/O grinding you have fast dying MMOs with no real community.

MoneyMeng1797d ago

The only mmo ive ever played that doesnt feel like youre grinding for levels is GW2. Other recent mmos like FF14arr and Tera Online feel like grindfests.