GTA V expected to generate $1 billion in first month

GTA V has "unprecedented pentup demand," says RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian, and he expects the game to bring in a flood of revenue when it goes on sale at midnight tonight.

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Count1741d ago

And then people ask why I am not some anti-pirate crusader.

MajorLazer1741d ago

.. because a corporation is making money?

ufo8mycat1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Generally speaking - theres making money and then theres being greedy.

how much money is enough money?
where you don't really NEED that much money

that goes for individuals as well who own more money then is really needed.

If I had $10m, I would probably keep 3-4m and give the rest away, I wouldn't need it.

Look at all those people who live in 10 bedroom mansions they don't need. Have 10 sports cars they don't need.

Meanwhile in Africa..

Grap1741d ago

We all say that f we have alot of money i Wouldn't be greedy. Cmon Guys are you seriously believe that? U say that Because you don't have it. Tell me what was your last timr u gave homeless man A doller? it call human nature we always ant more. More money more cars more women more Games etc....

dcj05241741d ago

Meanwhile in Africa European and American businesses takes diamonds and resources from Africa and pay them pennies.

GamerXD1740d ago

GTA 4 did $500m in 1 week (3.6m sales) So... I think GTA V will do so in 1 month or shorter. I think it's going to do 25-30m in lifetime sales.