PS Plus: ICO & GTA: Liberty City Stories Free for Members

One of fall’s biggest games – Grand Theft Auto V – is hitting store shelves and the PlayStation Store tomorrow, but you might need something to satisfy your GTA cravings when you aren’t at home. Thankfully, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is also free for PS Plus members this week, so you can play a little GTA no matter where you are.

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abusador1219d ago

Awesome!!! I was waiting for N.A. to get Ico. Im glad i didnt buy it.

GiantEnemyCrab1219d ago

Right with you. Glad I didn't buy it now and will be trying it as soon as I'm done with GTA 5 sometime in November.

abusador1219d ago

Man i just bought Puppeteer, killzone merc (finished that masterpiece), Kingdowm Hearts Remix and now im picking up GTA5, smh too many releases all at once!!!!!

miyamoto1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Glad I bought ICO and SOTC!

These are very U-NIQUE GAMES.

i strongly believe Shinji Mikami changed RE4 play mechanics from traditional RE third person view to over the shoulder because of this game. Remember Wander's over the shoulder arrow shooting mechanics?

Like the 3D platforming and shooting mechanics and huge boss fights, so many stuff God of War, Uncharted has were taken from SOTC.

abusador1218d ago

And souls took stuff frm sotc too. Like the resting and saving ala bonfire which is similar to the resting and saving in sotc

Ducky1218d ago

... does this mean that Shinji Mikami has a time machine?

BoNeSaW231218d ago

I can't wait to play ICO!
Has Shadow of the Colossus released on plus yet?

kayoss1218d ago

is there a release of ICo and shadow of colossus for the vita?