How Online Play is Reducing Game Quality

In this day and age, online play has became a excuse to put less effort into game development.

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Arkham3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I'm posting this now before reading the full source just to say how I whole-kcuffing-heartedly agree.

Now, after reading it, I have to admit it's a very honest and surprisingly insightful comment on the direction games have been going for a few years now.

Kudos to the guy for his candor and guts to post this great example of what a blogitorial should be.

PR0F3TA3813d ago


look at games like Uncharted, it was one of the greatest game i played in a long time... and yet i heard people cry about it not having an Online mode. i was like WTF?! how would online work in a game like that, it would kill it.

so far this gen i hear peole b!tch about 2 things... Online mode and DLC.

chanto233813d ago

100000000% in favor of you guys' opinions...couldnt say it any better..

jpod3813d ago

Yep yep, it's true. I all these other games with online stuff but i was stuck on gears of war for a while year before cod4 came out. Nothing really stood out, and it seemed they were just mp for the sake of being mp.

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3813d ago

Campaign Mode in games like Condemned 2 Bloodshot & The Darkness could've been better if precious resources weren't wasted on creating Online Multiplayer.

Just look at games like Bioshock & Ratchet&Clank:FTOD... great examples of what games (with no online multiplayer) can turn out to be.

sonarus3813d ago

Agree 100%. Plots and stories again simply become more useless as more resources are put into mp.

deeznuts3813d ago

got to agree. that is not to say online doesn't have it's place, it does. just shouldn't be destroying good single player or offline games.

i barely play online, and this coming from someone who was addicted to counter strike or many years. some of my favorite games have no online component, and I never even went online for COD4. Yeah I said it!

My life (work, GF, drinking!) allows me to play games but very unscheduled and sometimes very short sessions. single player is where I'm at right now.

ItsDubC3813d ago

Ppl tore into Metroid Prime 3 for not having multiplayer even though its gameplay (and that of its predecessors) is very much single-player oriented.

Even since the dawn of MP gaming, most of the games we consider to be classics are either SP games or MP games w/ a great SP component.

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AlterEgo3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

without reading...

i can tell you

online gaming has been a curse and a blessing.

on one gaming is a good feature if done correctly

but on the other hand...some devs feel like they can gimp the single player experience and trade it off for a good multiplayer experience

if they're going to half-ass the singleplayer...just scrap it altogether, and release an online only game with a lower price a la Warhawk.

All that "but the multiplayer rocks!!11!" jazz isn't worth sh*t

most people now won't even BUY a game if it doesn't have multiplayer...and some don't even bother with the campaign. and what about those without internet? they suffer

i agree that multiplayer adds replay value, but its still supposed to be an extension of the singleplayer...not the main attraction.

gaming STARTED with great singleplayer, and that shouldn't go ANYWHERE
but with more and more people caring more about multiplayer...and BUYING games strictly for multiplayer...and the multiplayer games getting more sales, playtime, recognition, better reviews.... devs have less and less incentive to give a f*ck about their singleplayer counterparts....

its a losing battle =[

*goes to read article*


ha! after reading...i hit the nail on the head.

Arkham3813d ago

I kcuffing agree. ;) Wholebubbleheartedly.

jwatt3813d ago

I had got Vegas and for the first time I went straight to the online play my friend said don't even bother with the single player. I love to play online but I also love an epic story.

I think Mgs4's single player won't an any way be hampered by the online aspect.

kewlkat0073813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

about CO44 and why some think it has ruined it for other FPS games...

you can say that for many 3rd-party games.

gamers will continue to buy games, it's just everyone is competing for online (time/replay value/pwnage) now...

What happened to a great and solid CAMPAIGN? seems to me COD4 really aimed at the multi-player.(which is great)But to ruin FPS, No!!

This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday and games getting boring article...where sonorus touched on it, as well.

Great Campaigns and Single Story Modes are lacking and very "short" these days in FPS's. (as well as other gameS) Dev are relying on the Online multi-player for replay value.(nothing wrong with that but I felt like COD4's campaign wasn't anything great.)
***************************** ****

Anyone felt like the WWII Cod's relied a little bit more on the war stories and the history of WWII, through the campaigns. You felt like you were on the "beaches" of Nomandy. Somehow COD4, maybe because sh6t like that is still happening right now, there was no emotional attachment to the Story. That's where multi-player kicked in. Still fun as hell.

Hey I'm not alone we need to get back to solid 1-player modes and stop relying on multi-player for like every game. I think some games shouldn't have multi-player. I know some people that "never" finished a Halo Campaign...can you guess why?

LinuxGuru3813d ago


I wonder game that is?

lol *chuckles*

kewlkat0073813d ago


4th letter of the alphabet is "D" right?


LostChild3813d ago

I mean, how many times have you heard, the single player was good but it's the multiplayer side that makes it well worth the purchase. This is for a game that is rooted in single player. I would rather have a good co-op single player game, then have some halfass or same as yester-year multiplayer matches added on to make the value of my purchase worth it. I miss the days of good single player adventure games.

somethingSQUISHY3813d ago

Online functionality has mostly just opened the door to a new type of gaming. There will always be great single player experiences, but some games fare better in the multiplayer sense and are, thus, tailored to play to that strength.

Games like Oblivion, Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Uncharted were created to be great SP games, and met with great success in that regard.

The rise of online play has not led to the death of SP, but the birth of a new type of gaming. SP and MP are not mutually exclusive, neither on a single game level nor an industry wide level.

kewlkat0073813d ago

what "Online Gaming" for consoles is just took us GAMERS away from the "Arcades".

That's why most Arcades are dead now....

Not the same atmosphere but cheaper to play at home, against somebody instead of putting quarters every time you get your arse whipped..

But not in Japan tho, Ironically they are slow at getting it on , with Online gaming. Arcades still live.

MURKERR3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

online never took gamers away from the arcades

playstation era started the ball rolling doing what nintendo and sega couldnt with their first couple of consoles,remember the first time you saw ridge racer in the comfort of your living room? tekken?

it was having arcade ports in a cd media that you could easily carry to a friends and all play in your bedroom without having to carry around a fistfull of change to keep topping up an arcade machine.

then came ps2 120mil+ gamers cant be wrong how many ps2 games had online play? hardly any but it was the great graphics at the time the family experience that kept gamers out of the arcades damn developers were even producing arcade games for the ps2,with arcade guns,dance mats etc instead of the actual arcades!

so kewlkat to state online play kept gamers out of the arcades is very very very wrong

online play is ok but its ruining games where reviewerss feel the need to deduct points for not having it wtf?
online play should always be a second but well implemented idea single player first all the way

kewlkat0073813d ago

to enjoy an Arcade game right in the comforts of your own home, which came before you were able to play it online and pit yourself against other gamers, which is just a function of consoles that ivolved over time.

Hey part of the home experience just "evovled". I remember playing some of these same games with plenty of friends(if you recall) in your room. Especially lots of two-player fighting games and racers and such but now is it fair to say, not many people do that anymore because of XBL and PSN?

I'll give you that, it took a little while for that aspect to evolve, but eventually that's where it was headed.(Online) Now we are there, and Arcades are somewhat DEAD. Most people play against others online, instead of connecting multiple Xbox's like it was before Online(XBL) really took off.

For the Arcades, Moreso because you could have the same experience at home without spending as much money for REPLAY value. So yeah I didn't go into that in my first post.

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