The Division “could only be achieved on next-gen hardware” says director. Plot “based on realism”

OPM: It’s fair to say the apocalypse is a well-furrowed path in videogame narrative. And you, the tooled-up survivalist, might be starting to feel the blisters forming inside those size 12s after such an exhaustive trek down that road. But where games have previously placed you post-downfall, piecing together the disaster that did for mankind after the fact, Ubisoft Massive’s MMO-like shooter The Division place during civilisation’s meltdown.

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SonyNGP1473d ago

Can't wait for my PC version.

Parasyte1473d ago

You and me both! Between this, TitanFall, BF4, and the games I have backlogged in my Steam account my new rig is going to be getting a workout!

sincitysir11473d ago

Wish it wasnt always online

GamerXD1473d ago

Damn that PS4 demo is looking so realistic.

Bolts1473d ago

This game looks cool but something tells me it'll be nothing more than an urban version of Borderlands without the cell shading. The demo is hiding a lot of potential flaws in this game and once the flaws are peeled back the game could get boring really fast.

slimeybrainboy1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I think this game will really kick of next generation. Many games talk about merging SP and MP but I have a feeling this is going to be the game to take advantage of the new consoles and bring a Day-Z in a city like experience, with singeplayer elements scattered everywhere and other players just being part of the world.

And it looks fucking gorgeous.

Fishy Fingers1473d ago

You can get all that from one gameplay demo of a game still in development? Impressive.

BX811473d ago

@bolts, your opinion is just like your choice in a football team.... It stinks!

boya3gob941473d ago

So it cant be achieved on wii u?

Shadowsteal1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Of course not, Wii U isn't next-gen hardware sadly.

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The story is too old to be commented.