Ten Characters That Let Themselves Go

These once proud and in some cases, innocent characters have fallen on hard times, Britney Spears-style.

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Sangria3597d ago

"He's smoked so many cigarettes and seen so many battle scenarios that he literally has to save himself from a heart attack with an adrenaline shot."

I hope it's for joking, I rather think it's because of Fox Die...

Sonic... *sigh*

Storm233597d ago

Yeah, I was like uh...not the reason for his rapid aging...

Superiorrior3597d ago

It's not FoxDie, you need to re-read the history of MGS.

jackdoe3597d ago

It isn't FoxDie. Snake's cells are rapidly degenerating because he is a clone.

sonarus3597d ago

Yea and thanks for spoiling it for everyone who didn't know lol.

Anyways these game daily guys do like 1 list a day and the lists just seem to get more unnecessary and pointless. Its quite obvious in this one they didn't really have anyone to go with.

I found liu kang was pretty funny though

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Fruit Loops3597d ago

I too, have let myself go during this spring. but i guess im gonna burn it all off.

dino6453597d ago

Had to laff at the resident evil one.

kingOVsticks3597d ago

sam fisher and ethan thomas are the same person 0.o

jkhan3597d ago

Gamedaily has nothing better to do, then just write top 8, top 10 etc. Next time we will see top ten gayest characters of videogames;)