DICE: you can never have “perfect” netcode in Battlefield 4

DICE says that because of the sheer size and scope of Battlefield 4, you can never have a "perfect" netcode -- there are too many things that can go wrong.

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n4rc1746d ago

Its nice to see a developer admit their net code isn't perfect.. I'm looking at you treyarch/IW.. LOL

p0tat0stix1746d ago

Nice point n4rc.

I think most gamers understand that online games can't be perfect, but it's great to see humility and honesty coming from the top dogs.

MizTv1746d ago

If it better than the lag fest that is cod ill be fine

3-4-51746d ago

Dedicated servers helps that.

BF3 is already better than COD in that department, I'd like to think BF4 will be as well.

Drainage1746d ago

admitting defeat already

Allsystemgamer1746d ago

It's not admitting defeat at all. They're being honest. There's no such thing as a perfect net code. Especially with the amount that happens in one match.

Regis1746d ago

Then what about Microsoft I mean it's bad they did what they did but doesn't a reversal mean an apology?

Blade Runner1746d ago

Drainage=Troll of the day.

xActionBasturdx1746d ago

So them saying the netcode isnt perfect is admitting defeat? Must be a CoD fan that pays for the overpriced map pack that it is

mhunterjr1746d ago

You can't have perfect netcode because of the laws of physics...

DJMarty1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Exactly, make me laugh when 'Xbots think PAYBOX ONE will be able to do stuff in the CLOUD'.

Imagine the lag if ya can't even get oridinary net code perfect.

n4rc1746d ago

I'm struggling to make sense of what you just wrote..

For one... Why even bring up Xbox? Secondly... Just because net code isn't perfect doesn't mean its not greatly improved with dedicated servers..

And xbox will be doing stuff in the cloud... On top of simply hosting servers.. To clear that up for you.. But bf4 will run on EAs servers

Blade Runner1746d ago

Wow DJ you must have read a totally differnt post than the rest of us. I saw no mention of xbox. Or any type of xbox type comment till you. I take back troll of the day award away from Drainage and give it to you. Congratulations!

Rainstorm811746d ago

Do we really need fanboy wars in every thread?

-Bubs the less the better

mhunterjr1745d ago

I hope you don't think your comment has anything to do with mine.

You don't have to have 'perfect' net code to take advantage of the cloud...

The point I was making is there is latency with everything, even local gaming.

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CocoWolfie1746d ago

you dont have to be prefect, just enjoyable :)

Hazmat131746d ago

im still waiting for more single player. looks awesome!

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