Gamers Are Getting Too Sensitive

It is lucky of us as gamers that those that are ignorant and blame video games for violence don’t keep up with the industry, especially with many of the video game journalists out there. Hearing some of the complaints over the last couple of years about video games from us the gamers and the journalists that write/talk about them are starting to get very ridiculous. It is like everyone is getting too sensitive about the violence and other actions in games these days and we just need to remember what we told those that wanted to blame our beloved hobby for violence in the world, they are just video games.

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PSNintyGamer1568d ago

N4G is a Perfect Representation of this anything Negative about Sony and fanboys jump into Defense mode.

Then there is Mynintendonews, home to one of the worst comment sections on the internet. Stupid Ninty fanboys slinging crap at each other.

Then there is the Xbox fanboys, damage controlling everything Microsoft does with Xbox One in different places.

KillrateOmega1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Yeah, that's a pretty fair summary of the dark side of us gamers. That dark side being:


LOGICWINS1568d ago

I don't consider the groups you mentioned "gamers". They barely pass for human to be quite honest. I'll never understand what makes people ferociously defend/attack plastic boxes with computer chips in them.

KillrateOmega1568d ago

"I'll never understand what makes people ferociously defend/attack plastic boxes with computer chips in them."

Good old fashioned insecurity.

warewolfSS1568d ago

I'm sorry logic, but most of your comments fall under the almost dellisional category.

LOGICWINS1568d ago

Says the guy who can't spell


Roccetarius1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

What are you even talking about? This is about violence in games, nothing to do with fanboyism or anything.

On actual topic, people are indeed getting sensitive over what is shown in games.

duducus1568d ago

The comment sections in Mynintendonews is terrible... I will never go back there... lol

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user74029311568d ago

its all miley ciurses fault

GenericNameHere1568d ago

Know why gamers are so insensitive these days? Because Disney doesn't make classic Mickey Mouse cartoons anymore, and are now focusing on stupid teenager BS :(

The new shorts on Youtube don't count

user74029311568d ago

this world is going to hell.


because you can find great drama in video games not just on TV

Blank1568d ago

I believe its more of a mix of insecurity, elitism, and fanboyism rather than sensitivity.

Heisenburger1568d ago

That photo made my day!

Also, I agree.

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