Sony: "If You Compare PS4 Visuals With Any Other Gaming Console, PS4 Will Look Better Every Time"

In a clear attack on the graphical prowess of Nintendo’s GameCube, Sony has stated that the PS4 will have the best looking titles on any console platform. - PSLS

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black0o1935d ago

M.Cerny said it before and the gap will only grow even bigger throw the years with the highly customized GPU

UltimateMaster1935d ago

They do make a lot of great games that people love, regardless of the graphics, just look at the reviews and ratings.

Xbox-11935d ago

Damn son, he just put a big ol' sword through ninty n ms's chest.

slimeybrainboy1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

If it's true this is awesome. If Sony are talking about third party that's awesome too.

It doesn't really make sense though. So Knack will look better than Ryse? driveclub will look better tahan Forza? The PS4 has to be more powerful, surely MS wouldnt let Sony say it at every press conference without saying "erm excuse me?".

But the most powerful may not always translate to better graphics if the dev tools arent as awesome. Despite the Sony fanboys that will 'Disagree purely because they don't want to consider it, there is a chance that directx 11.2 is what the games like Witcher 3, NFS, are taking advantage of, not GDDR5. BF4 already said they are using dx 11.2 and the PS4 does have a bespoke equivilient but who knows if it's on the same level?

Bold statement from Sony, could come back to bite them. Let's hope their not showing sign of arrogance and are just telling to goddamn truth!

Time will tell.

Flutterby1935d ago

The ps4 is now known to have better hardware as a fact , it is obvious when devs where saying one consoles version will look better they meant the ps4 , I'm sure we will have elite24gamer in here spamming that random guys blog again tho lol

Devs have been saying the ps4 is the best performer for a while now , Sony know they have the better system , everyone but die Xbox fanboys know this too.

starchild1935d ago

I'm sure the PS4 will have the best graphics of any console and I can't wait to get mine. But I'm still going to do a lot of my gaming on PC where the graphics are even better and there is more freedom and more options.

Gaming is just getting better and better no matter which platform you game on. These are exciting times we are living through.

Eonjay1935d ago


I wouldn't expect Direct X11.2 to really take hold for several years. Reason: A lot of multiplats are making games for three platforms: PC, X1 and PS4. In order to make their life easier their engines will use something that translates to each system. In this case, it will be Direct X 11.1.

To clarify, DX11.2 is exlcusive to X1 and Windows 8.1 and the majority of PC owners still use XP and Windows 7 so they would be cut out. This doesn't make logical sense. You would have to make one engine in Direct X11.1 for PC and PS4 and another engine in X11.2 for Xbox 1 and Windows 8.1. Games like Halo will use it for sure but that is about it. Multiplats like BattleField 4 are using DX11.1 for everybody.

Chug1935d ago

PS4 for exclusives. PC for multiplats and XBOX Exclusives.

Evilsnuggle1935d ago

Xbone does not use Direct X11.2 its a not currently available. For the xbone. You cannot compare any of xbone 180 game graphics to killzone SF is in full 1080p 60 fps no xbone game is i In 1080p 60 fps or infamous second son Digital foundry said infamous second son has near CG quality graphics. Please stop

1935d ago
duplissi1935d ago


The ps4 doesnt use Directx.... tsk tsk. it uses a customized opengl api that allows for "closer to the metal" coding. That means code on the ps4 can be much more efficient if written properly

BallsEye1935d ago

PR talk unless they finally show that great power. So far they didn't...-.- come on sony...

abzdine1935d ago

looking forward to seeing first comparison videos.
PS4 ftw.
Vita remote play even more

Greatness awaits

Godz Kastro1935d ago

When Mark Cerny makes a game that shows off tbe systems power I will give him an ear.

Golden_Mud1935d ago

We all know that graphics matter but we all have to know that Xbox One will get an advantage in the gameplay factor cause of the DDR3 utilizing the CPU compared to PS4's hUMA

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TopDudeMan1934d ago

Nah, I think the PS5 might look better.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31934d ago

When is this suppose to happen? Oh I forgot we have to wait 2-4 years for that to happen.

BullyMangler1934d ago

ahh haa ha haaa

what matters is CREATEivity sony, not specs . . . you know that

stop fooling goombas into buying your consoles for the most shit reasons . .ha haa sony fail comment of the day :/

mistertwoturbo1934d ago

Why do they mention the GameCube in this article?

Oner1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I don't know what the surprise is to some with this... I mean think about it, when you have MS themselves specifically saying in an interview

"We purposefully did not target the highest end graphics."

Source ~ @ 5:43 mark in the video

I think it's quite clear that what Sony is saying is/will be factual.

strifeblade1934d ago

What a big surprise- sony douchebag spewing ****- But I am going to act like the n4g community and not bother with the validity of the comment since this is how we do. lol

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Campy da Camper1935d ago

I just got over not getting fallout 4 anytime soon and then u do that. Thanks!

HammadTheBeast1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Good to have you back, always Lulzworthy posts from you.

But please, change that creepy-ass profile pic. I'm sure that women looks alright in real life, but squeezed into a box is just creepy.

Anon19741935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

You know, I'm fine with Sony pointing out facts about their console, or mentioning how they've stayed on point, but this is starting to feel unnecessary. If you're confident in your product, let your product do the talking. The last thing we need is for this to devolve into nothing but a bunch of PR, one-upmanship. Leave that to the other guys if they so choose. Let the PS4 do the talking.

Edit @Maria below. That's a great gif! I know the other guys are doing it but I just find it distasteful overall. It's a bit different when it's played for laughs like the PS4 sharing video from E3, but I hate when it starts coming across as boastful.

MariaHelFutura1935d ago

Reggie called the PS4 'meh'

He's messing w/ the wrong crew.

warewolfSS1935d ago

I agree. It's not always a good thing. Let the consoles do the talkin man. Can't wait for next gen.

BBsin1935d ago

Letting the product do the talking is not enough. They need to sell their products with hype. Critical acclaim and performance is only half of the process, marketing is just as important. I mean look at apple products, it isn't necessarily the best, but it sells because they are good at pushing it. Any other company would be doing the same thing if they had advantages as well.

Clover9041935d ago

Yes, it is a PR move, but this is a business and both Sony and Microsoft are trying to get those still on the fence to look their direction. It's like Microsoft talking up their cloud feature.

black0o1935d ago

@above and that's why they followed it by KZ and infamous

GravelerMagnitude91935d ago

Microsoft always says "This can only be achieved with the power of the Xbox One"

Sony is just correcting them

negative1934d ago


"our console is the best" blah blah

And you people eat it right up like sh*t on a stick.

Cueil1934d ago

Sony has always done this... why would they stop now?

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Tsar4ever011935d ago

Oh boy, Not the "OVER CONFIDENCE ATTITUDE" syndrome again. Knock it off, Sony!! Talk shit like that and if the competitions games get more more FAVORABLE review of games, you'll just end up with EGG on your face for talking smack. Just sit back quietly an just LET THE GAMES SPEAK FOR THE PS4. Let the game sites reviewers, bloggers & lensoftruth sites debate & battle about that stuff. Your making yourself look too CRASS by making remarks like that even before the 1st games even hit the stores.

Flutterby1935d ago

Don't you think the reason they are actually mentioning this fact is because the debs would have told them that the ps4 versions of games are coming out better than the Xbox one versions ? Because I'm pretty sure the devs would share this info with the companies, shuei twitted that article the other day about NFS looking better on one console over the other I'm guessing logically he did that because he knows that it's the ps4

Azmatik1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Ya i can see when it gets too much but i actually enjoy it lol after all those years microsoft mouthing off about ps3 and mad ps3 hate i accept it sony i just hope cerney is as smart as we all think he is and if he is the ps4 is gona be amazing!

gamertk4211935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )


The debs? Debutantes are playing the PS4 now/. Sounds about right.

Rimeskeem1935d ago

PC dont count as consoles btw people so none of the shit

ravinash1935d ago

Well lets wait and see if the Steam box actually appears one day.

Rimeskeem1934d ago

@ ravinash

well we know there will never be a third one if any

AngelicIceDiamond1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

That's great and I'm looking forward to getting my PS4 but why is "no questions asked?"

If this was MS you guys would say " Typical PR BS from MS."

But anything Sony says is absolute truth and praises?

That's not fair.

@Rider so does Forza and Ryse. Whats's your point?

Both have great looking titles. We know Quantic Dream's new Ip for PS4 will look great as well as Remedy's Quantum Break.

ovnipc1935d ago

You are right but drones wont understand, they are programmed to troll and not accept anything that its not sony related. Shhh you cant say MS loud here drones will jump you.

mxrider21991935d ago

no questions asked bc they provided videos of kz sf and infamous SS which both look amazing in terms of gameplay and graphics

gamertk4211935d ago

Did those videos look as good as BF4 on PS4? Haha!

G20WLY1935d ago

Nothing is stopping MS from responding to Sony on this, via the press. They won't though. Is it because they're too classy? Or because it would be a blatant lie? If you don't know the answer to that by now, you'll never know.

This is more relevant coming from Sony, since many expected X360 versions of multiplats to be slightly better, at least in the earlier years, due to PS3 being ported from that code. It's important for Sony to speak up if the balance swings in their favour this time around, as it will support multiplat sales on PS4.

ThanatosDMC1934d ago

PS3 proved itself. PS4 proved itself. While MS has Kinect and then shot itself repeatedly during E3, the 180s, and executives leaving. What more could you want?

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DragonKnight1935d ago

I'm asking a question.

"In a clear attack on the graphical prowess of Nintendo’s GameCube."


ziggurcat1935d ago

Yeah, I caught that, too... Wtf does the GameCube have to do with anything?

Avalon21751935d ago

I thought maybe I was misreading the article myself? It does say GameCube right? Lol..

Benchm4rk1935d ago

Because maybe the PS4 will have comparable graphics to the GameCube lol jks

Andronix1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

This Sony guy is talking BS. Nintendo Gamecube titles will always look better than PlayStation 4 games.


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ovnipc1935d ago ShowReplies(2)
joab7771935d ago

So...its the same as now. When Naughty Dog and other 1st party developers create for will give high end pcs a run for their money. When its multiplat, they will b quite similar. Maybe Sony will have slightly better framerate or textures but the differences will b negligible.

Death1934d ago

Naughty Dog makes some outstanding games, but they do not give highend PC's a run for their money.First party games on the PS3 have always looked better due to the fact their middleware was second to none and programming for the system was never easy. The PS4 is made to be easy to program for. The learning curve that kept games looking better year after year is gone. Sony previouslt stated they made the system difficult to program for so it would look better over time. With the new consoles, it's the opposite with the XboxOnes more complex architecture making it more difficult.

3-4-51935d ago

You usually start to notice a bigger difference in generations about 3-5 years in.

Give it a few years and This next gen could blow our minds visually.

I'm just hoping they do with the gameplay as well.

WitWolfy1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Exactly what I was thinking!!! Uncharted > Uncharted 3 is the first just jump that comes to mind.

Rainstorm811935d ago

Uncharted 1 and Gears set the bar for what to expect from this current gen.

I say give it about a year or two maybe less

Bathyj1935d ago

Nintendo's Gamecube?

Themba761934d ago

nah its M$ thats arrogant not Sony this time Sony has learned there lesson on that.

Majin-vegeta1934d ago

Who's charging more for weaker specs??Exactly now sit down and zip it mister.

NewZealander1934d ago

vegeta was i talking to you? no so maybe you should zip it sweetie :)

Indo1935d ago


PS3 didn't have DirectX, but did produce amazing 1st party games nonetheless. Its nice to have though but isn't much of an advantage to the XBOne.

ChrisW1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

When you compare the PSOne to the PS2, of course!

When you compare the PS2 to the PS3, of course!

And when you get a chance to compare the PS3 to the PS4...

Ol_G1935d ago

Instead of bragging how it looks better try to give us some games you know the reason why we buy these machines

Majin-vegeta1935d ago

You're worried about Sony not delivering games??hahha good joke man.*looks at PS3* need I say more?