Time Warner Cable TV App on Xbox 360 Now Live

Microsoft's announcement comes weeks after Sony announced a deal with Viacom to bring a paid-TV service to PS4. The TWC TV app will likely to extend to Xbox One.

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Blaze9291932d ago

"Using the Time Warner Cable TV app on Xbox 360, Xbox Live Gold members who are also Time Warner Cable subscribers can watch the cable company’s most-popular TV channels directly from their console."

So for the Xbox One I don't see why we still can't have apps for this. (unless we can?). The main reason I liked this is that I didn't have to lease a cable box from Verizon. I'm not interested in plugging in a cable box into Xbox One but if the stand alone app is still there too - then cool.

MonkeyNinja1931d ago

Why are you still using cable when there's Hulu & Netflix? Much cheaper and more variety. And watch what you want, when you want. Just curious.

Fireseed1931d ago

I'll respond to that by saying this. Breaking Bad.

KwietStorm1931d ago

You mean watch what they have when you want. And last I checked, Hulk and Netflix don't show sports.

r2oB1931d ago

@ Fireseed

Isn't Breaking Bad available on Netflix?

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dazzrazz1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

This is what people don't understand. Getting a new cable box subscriber is the whole point ! Look up online cable companies are in steady free fall for past years, people don't wanna pay $100 + something dollars per month for 1000 channels where 700 of them are cooking, 24 constant re-runs or reality shows. On demand is gaining significant chunk of that pie, simple you pay for what you want when you wanna watch it and I'm not talking this because I have issues with xbox or something similar. Its a big market where you have huge opportunities to either keep current subs and boxes or gain new ones and everybody is winning even Microsoft because you have to spend on xbl sub just to run that app.

Insomnia_841931d ago

Xbox One purpose gone down the toilet with these apps on consoles. No need for that cable box conncted to the XBone then.

P0werVR1931d ago

Well, it's not like cable providers are going out the window overnight.

It's going to take a near decade before we see true significant change.

QuantumWake1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I've been using the Time Warner app since Tuesday. I guess only certain people got it that day or they just barely noticed it on the dashboard.

It's a pretty cool app. I got about 105 live channels. Though when compared to my cable box in my living room it's about a 10 second delay. Most channels are in HD except for like BBC. And even though I'm not a LA Lakers fan, they have the Time Warner sports channel so I could watch Laker games! :D

AceBlazer131931d ago

People still watch cable?

KwietStorm1931d ago

Yea. People still ask silly questions they already know the answer to as well.

SignifiedSix911931d ago

Obviously. Who wants to wait a year to see a season of their favorite show on netflix or hulu?

corvusmd1931d ago

Uh, this announcement was actually made BEFORE Sony made the deal with Viacom, and MS was already doing this with Infinity and Vios, so making it seem like MS was copying Sony, by mentioning that the app was live on the heals of the Sony deal is misleading. Sony didn't need to be mentioned at all

SilentGuard1931d ago

Whichever console can replace the cable box and seperate cable subscription entirely will have a huge advantage. Why not provide a cable service directly through Xbox live, in essence having the console itself be the cable box. I don't understand the point in these type of apps if you already have to be a TW subscriber you would already have the cable box to watch tv.